‘SKAM’ Is Coming To Facebook & We’re Excited

We’re addicted to SKAM and if you haven’t watched it – you are missing out. Sure, the show is not in english, it’s Scandinavian and their marketing is absolutely amazing.

You may remember that Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment has optioned the show to bring it the US. Now, I admit that I have been a little worried about that because part of the greatness of the show is how organic and unforced it is. It’s not like reality TV that we have over here in the US.

But it turns out that SKAM in the US is going to air on place that I never imagined. Facebook. That’s right, SKAM is going to air on it’s new Facebook Watch platform.

The show is huge in Norway. Now think about it – the country has 5 million people total, and 1.2MM of those people watch SKAM. Not to even mention those of us that watch it around the world on the internet.

To be honest, I can see why it is that the show would be on Facebook. It makes sense socially. The episodes aren’t always the same length – which hey, in the US is sometimes an issue. But online it will make it easier.

The saving grace is that SKAM creator, Julie Andem, will be showrunner of the Facebook/Fuller US produced version. That makes me feel better about this.

Because I love SKAM.

I love for it.

Are you a fan of SKAM?

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