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‘The Flash’: The Ugly and Racist Treatment of Iris West

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  1. Naledi says:

    Candice Patton has proven to be one of the best actresses ever she is beautiful yeah she is black so what who ever said that People should be divided in racial groups Barry Allen and Iris west are the best couple in the flash that is the endgame, guys we are trying to make the world a better place but it seems like that is not working if we are still racist to each other we are all human being like water and rain #candice Patton will always have my support

  2. Austin says:

    Seriously? I understand where tour coming from. And any sort of racism is not okay. But iris west on the show is a joke. Candice parker is a good actress but the way they have wrote her she is unbearable. Completely unbearable. Let me correct my statement.. since season 3 she has been an absolute joke on the show.. actually since season 2. I fast forward through all of her parts now.

    1. isobel says:

      You’re what’s unbearable and so are the sea of white incels you probably circlejerk over Barry with!

  3. BLM says:

    Candice Parker is a great actress, who cares if she is black? Black is BEAUTIFUL

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