As we wonder what Mirror Iris is after, it seems a good time to highlight the best of each character’s doppelgängers.Read More →


This week’s episode of The Flash, “Marathon,” did something daring in focusing more on the importance of the characters’ humanity over their heroism. One wouldn’t think this would require much bravery, but anyone who’s been around fandom of a superhero property for any length of time at all would probably acknowledgeRead More →

Superhero stories are, hands down, my favorite kinds of stories. They have been for as long as I can remember. There’s something about the dichotomy of good and evil. The comfort of easily identifiable – and often handily dispatched – villains. The idea that there are heroes who will alwaysRead More →

I promise I didn’t do anything bad to Alyssa this week, guys! However, when she asked me to review this week’s episode of The Flash, Run Iris Run, how could I resist? Two great episodes in a row, and I get to write about them? Count me in! This was oneRead More →

Barry Allen isn’t the only speedster in Central City. No, we’re not talking about Wally West. We’re talking about another West. Iris West. Mind. Blown. But before you start firing millions of questions our way, know that while Iris will suit up and have super speed, it’s not permanent. ButRead More →

Ever since the “Mixed Signals” episode of this season’s The Flash, there have been people (calling some of them “fans” verges on overstatement) who have taken exception to Iris’s line: “You aren’t the Flash, Barry. We are.” For the past few months, I’ve happily ignored these detractors with little moreRead More →

Like all West-Allen shippers, my heart is exceedingly full thinking about The Flash wedding. All that our favorite television couple has been through has set the stage for this magical moment.  Through unimaginable tragedy, Barry Allen and Iris West have managed to build and sustain the type of love that usRead More →

Take it from me – if you want to ask a Westallen fan what they love about their ship, you should have a drink and a snack on hand because it will not be a short conversation. As fans, we love watching love stories, and we certainly love talking aboutRead More →

Remember last week’s episode, “Cause and Effect?” Remember that return to the optimistic, hopeful show that The Flash has established itself as since its inception? Yeah, well, that’s gone. Now it’s back to the intense darkness as Savitar prepares to shatter our world. Well, it was fun while it lasted.Read More →

There are times when an episode of The Flash can feel like it drags on with the plot. That was the case with “Dead or Alive,” where a bounty hunter named Gypsy came to Earth-1 to collect H.R. The story felt like it was dragged on forever. But the wayRead More →

The Flash shocked audiences last season when Barry made the decision to go back in time to save his mother and change history as we know it, which helped segue into the famous Flashpoint storyline. And as you’d expect things are going to be different when The Flash kicks offRead More →

Barry Allen has found his Iris West. Variety has reported that Kiersey Clemons has been cast as Iris West in Warner Bros.’ The Flash movie. Iris West is the spunky, hard-hitting journalist and Barry Allen’s best friend. Clemons joins Ezra Miller, who will play Barry, in the film directed byRead More →