‘The Flash’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Candice Patton Talks WestAllen & Iris’ Leadership

As The Flash’s leading lady, Iris West has proven that she’s no one that you want to mess with. She’s also proven strong in the face of both physical and emotional adversity. And Iris will face her toughest emotional challenge when The Flash returns for season 4 with Barry Allen lost in the Speed Force.
We spoke with The Flash star Candice Patton at San Diego Comic-Con last month, where she teased the effect of Barry’s absence on Iris, which includes her stepping into more of a leadership role on Team Flash, as well as trying to cope with the heartbreak of losing her fiancé.
“She’s kind of had to step into the role that Barry left, and it’s kind of a way for her to distract herself, too,” Patton said. “She’s obviously depressed and sad that Barry’s gone, and she’s not sure when he’s going to come back. So it’s a good distraction for her to be a leader.”
But there’s also a question of if Barry is ever coming back, and Patton said we’re going to see how that mindset ultimately affects Iris.
“I think you’ll see a very, very, very different Iris West in the beginning of season 4,” she said. “She’s almost hardened, a little more pessimistic, and kind of like, ‘We’ve got to move forward, we’ve got to keep moving. We don’t know if Barry’s coming back, and we can’t deal with that. The only thing we can deal with is protecting the city.’”
Last season, we finally got to see Barry and Iris finally exploring a romantic relationship after two years where the stars never seemed to really align. But once they did align in season 4, it was magic.
“It seemed like they could never kind of find the right time to be with each other,” Patton said. “Last season was finally Barry and Iris kind of meeting kismet and everything working out.”
One of the big milestones in Westallen’s relationship was getting engaged – twice! – only for Barry to sacrifice himself to the Speed Force and put their wedding yet again on hold. But that doesn’t take away from two engagements that were truly magical.
“Those proposal scenes were beautiful and epic and iconic,” Patton said. “When you look back at the series, those are the moments that will live forever. Hopefully this season we continue with that. We’ve got a wedding that we’re planning. Hopefully we get Barry out of the Speed Force so I can have it and walk down the aisle.”
Watch our full interview with Patton below:

The Flash season 4 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW.
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