Gillian Anderson Talks a Fun Season 11 of ‘The X-Files’

Gillian Anderson has embodied Dana Scully in such a way for so long that, despite the fact that she’s been anything but quiet the last few years, most of us tend to identify her with the character she made iconic.

Though Anderson doesn’t come out and say it, that can clearly be a burden on a performer, which is why we were thrilled to hear Anderson state, during her NYCC interview to promote the upcoming season 11 of the show, which premieres tonight, that filming for Season 11 was extremely fun.

We’ve wanted a lot of things for Dana Scully during the years: good health, a chance to live a happy life with the man she loves, for her son to return, for the government to leave her alone – but above all, we’ve wanted happiness, for her, and for the wonderful actress who portrays her.

Because, for a lot of us, Dana Scully is more than a character: she’s a role model. She’s the one who showed us what we could be. She’s the one who continues to light our TV way. And she’s, without a doubt, the reason we’ll be checking out whatever Season 11 has in store.

May it be good.

Check out the rest of Anderson’s NYCC interview here:

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The X-Files premieres Wednesday January 3rd at 8/7c on FOX.

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