Legends of Tomorrow 3×10 Review : “Daddy Darhkest”

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A little recap to catch you up on all things Legends before we get into “Daddy Darhkest”

  • After a trip to Nazi Earth-X, Firestorm is no longer with the team due to Prof.Stein’s death and Jax’s quitting.
  • The Leonard Snart joined up with the team to help them for a bit, leading to some awkward moments with him and Mick
  • Nate’s still annoying.

OK. Now let’s delve in shall we?

Sometimes a show needs to be shaken up a little bit. Not a permanent one but one that takes the show away from it’s comfortable space and lets it explore what is out there to explore. “Daddy Darhkest” does this with the help of one person : John Constantine. Constantine’s presence gives the Legends a nice little shot in the arm as they deal with magic , sexual tension and a increasingly sassier ship.


Constantine goes to the Legends when during a exorcism in Star City, a Mallus demon-possessed little girl who mentions the name of our captain, Sara Lance. As John goes to see the team, he also leaves a lasting impression on quite a few of them as well…

  •  Sara and John do a little bit of flirting and a whole lot of making out which culminates in a shag. About time that the show remembers that Sara is bi-sexual as besides this , Sara and Agent Sharpe get their flirt on with on another for a second. This ship is going to set sail, just only a matter of when now.
  • John tries a little bit of flirting on Leo but the man is faithful to his soon-to-be husband, Ray (The Ray not our Ray) .
  • Nate is jealous because he is Nate.

As for the mission, the team goes to save Emily from the evil of Mallus in the asylum. However things get very complicated quickly as Emily is revealed to be Nora Darhk! in 2017. Timey-wimey stuff strikes again!! Young Nora is fully in the grasp of Mallus and sends John, Sara and Leo back to 1969.

(This show really likes going back to that era, doesn’t it? Probably because it’s the cheapest one to go to but hey gotta do what your budget tells ya too)

The group comes up with a plan to send a message in a painting back to team while the rest of the team get sent back to the asylum to find clues. (Mick gives them the orders and damn if he wouldn’t make a fun Captain for a episode)

Ray and Zari find Nora and try to bond with her via trip to Jitters for coffee and snacks. This would be a good plan if you were a mom bonding with a moody daughter but for a girl with a demon possessing her, not the best idea.

This does lead to a cute scene of them being  happy but a news clip mentions Damien Darhk which leads to Mallus’s return. So it’s up to our group in the 60’s to stop the upcoming carnage in the present.


After a little bonding and a little shagging, Sara and John go to rescue Leo who was caught slipping the note in the painting like a kid in school. Apparently this asylum’s punishment for note-slipping isn’t detention but a freaking Lobotomy! Naturally, they stop it but the only way to make it back to the present is to summon Mallus inside of Sara and hope Sara can overpower the creature. This is the plan??? Why don’t they try the note again? They knocked out the guards and doctors.

But the plan is to bring Mallus to the 60’s and the plan…..almost works. The symbol needed to send them back is almost drawn but in the spirit world Sara hears the real Nora cry out in pain. Sara helps Nora focus her will in driving Mallus away from her and this lets Nora in the present stop Mallus from hurting Ray and Zari.

All looks good as John, Sara and Leo are back in the present but as for Nora, Ray and Zari…things don’t end as well for them. See, the name of the episode is “Daddy Darhkest” so it would make sense for a appearance from “daddy” himself. a Mr. Damien Darhk.

Damien is here to collect his daughter and Nora falls for it. I mean, it’s not that shocking. Darhk lies to Nora about Darhk and having just seen her believed to be dead dad, Nora falls for it all hook, line and sinker. The bond between a psycho father and emotionally-damaged daughter , I suppose. Damien leaves Ray and Zari with a smug line and even smugger attitude as Nora is once again in the Mallus/The Order fold. Next time we see her, she shall be right alongside daddy darhkest fighting our Legends in battle.

Overall “Daddy Darhkest” was a very good episode highlighted by John Constantine and some strong character moments for our team. As much as I love Johnny Boy on here, I still think having him as a guest-star is the right move. Constantine is a character that works in small doses and this fitted like a glove. Matt Ryan plays him so well with such charisma that it would almost overshadow the rest of the group.  Also it’d be odd to see Constantine in battle with the Legends trying to stop a giant gorilla , wouldn’t it?

(Now I want to see Constantine fight a giant gorilla)


  • As for Amara and Nate, they run into Kuasa. After capturing her, Amara gets a case of “Dumb Hero-itis” and decides she can convince Kuasa to join the good side. As it turns out, it doesn’t work and instead Nate almost gets drowned via water up the nose.
  • So thanks to the game Ray, Zari and Nora were playing, we found out Eli Manning exist in the Arrow-verse. No doubt that Tom Brady does too and he is probably a part of Mallus’s crew too.
  • A couple interesting things happen at the end of the episode as well. First , John convinces Ray to keep working on a anti-magic gun. John’s fear is of Mallus possessing Sara like he did Nora. UH OH
  • Second, Leo goes home as he is ready to propose marriage to The Ray. (We better get to see this wedding). After a couple heart-felt goodbyes, Leo is no longer with the team. Is this the last we’ll see of Wentworth Miller? I’ll just say Never say Never.
  • And lastly, as Sara goes to contact Agent Sharpe and most likely get some more flirt on, Agent Sharpe has news for her : Rip Hunter has escaped!!! So does this mean Arthur Darvill is going to be back again? Man, I really do hope so.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on the CW at 8 pm on Monday Nights.

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