Movie Review: ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

When I first read Fifty Shades, it was called Master of the Universe and it was Twilight fan fiction.

And it was one of the most captivating things that I have ever read. I know what people say about it, but I have never cared. What I cared about was that Fifty Shades made me feel something (and before you get all sexual on me – I am not talking about in my vag).

It’s kinda really hard for me to watch it come to an end, but as with all fandoms, things come to a close. And sitting down to watch the final installment of the movie adaptation, I had to think twice.

Was I ready for it to end?

Was I ready for goodbyes?

The truth is I wasn’t. But what I sat down to see was truly the best film in the franchise. It’s a film that made me feel at ease for it to be done.

The film opens to Ana and Christian’s wedding – which in all honesty, gave me chills. The same kind of chills that I got watching Bella and Edwards wedding in Twilight. But for me – Ana and Christian’s wedding was something that was so beautiful, so innocent, and I forgot who he could be.

Look, I will admit that I see why people call Christian Grey names. I see why it is that they think that he’s controlling. But I don’t see him that way.

I see him as fearful and afraid of being vulnerable. I see him as uptight and fearful of emotion. I see him as growing.

And he sure the fuck grows through out the Fifty Shades trilogy.

Theres a lot packed into Fifty Shades Freed. Marriage, Pregnancy, Kidnapping, Child Issues…

It’s all there.

There is a large majority of the time where you’re just watching and thinking that this could be everyday life – if you were rich.

Christian and Ana are growing together as a couple. They are experiencing life and all the shit that goes with it. The fight that they have after he goes and visits Mrs. Robinson and well, I wanted to stand up and cheer.

Cause tell his ass what is up, Ana.

Except the crazy psycho from the past that wants to ruin Christian because he got picked by the Grey’s instead of him. He never grew out of the issues that he’s experienced as a child.

And so he kidnaps Christian’s sister and Ana is tasked with saving her – because she doesn’t tell anyone what is going on. Jack – the fucking crazy asshole who has kidnapped Mia. She delivers the cash and Christian shows up after Jack’s beat the crap out of her.

And he learns about regret and loving his wife, but I also felt like he learned about loving himself.

Fifty Shades Freed is a great end to a great series. Beautifully written, beautifully directed, and beautifully done.

We’re left with a great send off that shows fantastic character development. We are left with the knowledge that people can grow, that love grows, and that these two – in the midst of all of the craziness, the outside world.

Love perseveres and they are free.

Can’t wait to bring this one home.



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