‘Ink, Iron and Glass’ by Gwendolyn Clare: Cast of Our Dreams

In Gwendolyn Clare’s debut novel for young adults, Ink, Iron and Glass, words have power. They can create new worlds, enable you to travel in unique ways, and bring life to sentient beings in our own image. And like with any limitless power there are those who seek to protect and those who seek to destroy. Elsa, our female lead who just so happens to be a POC, is the former. Guided by her mother she uses her powers of scriptology to explore the world around her. And when her mother is kidnapped it’s up to her to figure out who is behind the destruction of words and the power they hold behind them.

To help you better visualize this amazing book we put together a list of people that we feel fit these characters. Some you might have heard of and others are just beginning their careers or have never dipped their toes past modeling. But maybe this is their chance and maybe it’s our time to include more diverse characters in the media that we consume, even if it’s in a book.

Here are our fan favorites to play the cast of Gwendolyn Clare’s Ink, Iron and Glass:


'Ink, Iron and Glass' Cast of Our Dreams. Pictured: Sharmina Harrower.

Played by Sharmina Harrower

Why We Love This Pick:

I’m going to be honest with you, finding a person to play Elsa, the lead character, was harder than any other casting. She had to be a woman of color with dark hair, clear green eyes, a sharp chin and cheekbones. When I stumbled upon Harrower, after an afternoon scouring through Pinterest, I was relieved that she ticked off all my boxes and a bit saddened that it took so long. And I could’ve taken the easy way out and cast an actress with a lighter complexion. But that’s not what Gwedolyn Clare’s book is about, nor is it how I envisioned Elsa and her struggles to fit in.

Harrower is the kind of character I’d love to see more of in books, TV shows, and movies. She’s representation and we can always use a little more of that.

P.S. The green eyes were courtesy of a little Photoshop. Harrower could wear contacts, right? Or she could be like Harry Potter and have his mother’s eyes despite…not having his mother’s eyes.


'Ink, Iron and Glass' Cast of Our Dreams. Played by Cole Sprouse.

Played by Cole Sprouse

Why We Love This Pick:

Despite how you feel about The CW’s Riverdale, there’s no denying that Sprouse has the ability to channel charisma one second and a pointed anger at things that aren’t just in the very next second. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody days are over and we’ve been left with an actor who has the smile, attitude, and perfect hair to brush out of his eyes just like Leo does in the book.


'Ink, Iron and Glass' Cast of Our Dreams. Played by Maia Mitchell.

Played by Maia Mitchell

Why We Love This Pick:

Like Porzia, Mitchell knows how to play aloof, headstrong, and caring in one package. Yes, she matches up with the proper age bracket to play this character but it’s the actors ability to express different emotions that makes her a good pick and the Porzia we need. 


'Ink, Iron and Glass' Cast of Our Dreams. Played by Daje Barbour.

Played by Daje Barbour

Why We Love This Pick:

Faraz was the one person who made Elsa feel like she wasn’t so much of an outsider. He shared the same dark complexion and sharp features that she had and could be mistaken for a man of her home world. When I came upon Barbours photo I knew that he would be the one to play Faraz in this fancast. And I know this might sound cheesy, but there’s something about the way that Barbour holds himself, a presence, that makes me feel like he would be the perfect balance that Leo and Porzia need in this adventure with Elsa. See, cheesy.


'Ink, Iron and Glass' Cast of Our Dreams. Played by Tuba Buyukustun.

Played by Tuba Buyukustun

Why We Love This Pick:

This was another difficult find because she had to look like the actress that was playing Jumi’s daughter Elsa. Both actresses shared the same sharp cheekbones and pointed jaw. They even kind of share the same lips. And despite the fact that their hair might be different I think that they’re a unique match. Mother and daughter don’t necessarily have to look like each other completely and Elsa’s paternal side could be the factor that makes them a bit different. Either way, I’m loving this choice and see the potential they have!

P.S. Like Harrower I lightened up her eyes a bit to match her daughter. Photoshop is God.

de Vries

'Ink, Iron and Glass' Cast of Our Dreams. Played by Ben Kingsley.

Played by Ben Kingsley

Why We Love This Pick: I love this pick because all I had to do was put “man with white Victorian moustache” into Google and Kingsley popped up. It was like he was waiting for me and to play this role.  The fact that Kingsley is an amazing actor who can adapt to whatever role he’s given, makes this a two-for-one deal that I can’t pass up on when it comes to who plays de Vries.

Ink, Iron, and Glass by Gwendolyn Clare is now available for purchase.

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