‘The Punisher’ Adds Josh Stewart, Floriana Lima & Giorgia Whigham

Look, I’m gonna be honest with you, the news coming out for The Punisher season 2 have me anything BUT excited.

First, there’s no mention of Karen Page anywhere. I’m not here for Frank Castle without Karen Page. Deborah Ann Woll better be reprise her role, and you better announce that shit soon, Marvel.

Also – nothing against you Josh Stewart, or you, Giorgia Whingham, but since your names are next to Floriana Lima’s, I legit rolled my eyes when I saw the casting news. Good news, though, is that is seems that Lima is not going to pretend to be latinx on this show too. Wohoo! Small step, for sure, but hey, with her, that’s enough to celebrate.

(No, I’m never gonna be over Maggie Sawyer. Ever. Don’t ask me to.)

But hey, at least this probably means she’s not coming back to Supergirl?

Deadline reports that Stewart will play John Pilgrim, a man whose calm exterior belies a ruthless interior. Lima will portray Krista Dumont, a smart, compassionate, and driven psychotherapist for military veterans. Whigham will play Amy Bendix, a street-smart grifter with a mysterious past.


No, honestly. Some people probably care. I’m just not one of them. My expectations for S2 of The Punisher are more Kastle, and hopefully, no hidden latinx background for an actress that is 100% not latinx. Can you do that, Marvel?

I’m not even asking for that much.

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