You Had Us At Jenn Kaytin Robinson, Netflix!

We think one of the greatest things about Jenn Kaytin Robinson is not that she knows how to tell a story you can’t get enough of, but her realness and her willingness to go against the norm. She makes us feel empowered as women.

Let’s be honest – we’ve all seen the same romance story over and over again, where the one saving the damsel in distress, is always a man.

But ummm… when did we all need to be saved by someone else? When did we become so weak that we couldn’t save ourselves? That’s a trick question. Because we’ve never been that girl.

It was announced today, that the creator of our favorite TV show, Sweet Vicious (we will forever stand by the notion that MTV did a disservice to the world by cancelling it), has a romantic comedy coming to Netflix.

Guess we aren’t cancelling our subscription now.

Gina Rodriguez has signed on to star in and produce Someone Great, the movie that Jenn is directing. It’s her directorial debut and one that we’ll be cheering the fuck on for a long time to come.

What’s it about? Well, The Hollywood Reporter says, “Written by Robinson, the story tells of a woman who, after a heart-wrenching break-up, decides to seek adventure in New York City with her two best friends before she moves across the country for her dream job.”

You had us Jenn Kaytin Robinson, Netflix.

Production starts this April. We can’t wait!

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