‘The Walking Dead’ 8×15 Review: “Worth”

Just when you think Eugene can’t get any worse, he vomits on his old friends and buries himself in human ash in The Walking Dead‘s penultimate episode, “Worth.” As if that wasn’t bad enough war is  on the horizon between two communities who want to prove that there way of life is the right one. Newsflash: If you keep fighting each other like this, there won’t be communities to rule and care for.

Let’s break down The Walking Dead‘s “Worth”!

Rick Didn’t Make This Happen, They All Did

I’m done aka sick and tired of everyone blaming Rick. It’s not his fault that this shit has happened and that they are on this road to destruction. It’s all their fault, everyone.

The Walking Dead and the people inside of it are survivors trying to make it through the shit storm they find themselves in. Some take approaches like Rick’s of community and working together and others approach their survival like Negan does. And this battle that’s about to happen, this final showdown, is more about proving whose way of survival is best. Spoiler alert: they all have problems to their method and the only way to survive is by *gasp* working together!

But what will it take to bring these two communities together and for Rick, Negan, and Maggie because she’s as much a part of this as anyone else, to stop fighting each other? A common enemy of course. That light pantsuit wearing random traveler isn’t all she seems to be and the Whisperers, a group that wears the skin of the dead, can’t be far behind.

Transformation and the survival of the Hilltop and the Sanctuary will come by working together towards a common goal, a common enemy. It’s only then that they’ll set their shit aside and actually start living. This is not to say that Maggie should forgive Negan for what he did to Glenn or what Eugene is doing making bullets to kill the people who protected him before he turned traitor on them.

What I’m saying is that the pain has to stop and that they need to start living. Cuz maybe it can’t go back to the way it used to be. But it sure as hell can become something better than what it is now. And maybe they don’t have to fight a common human enemy. Maybe all they need is a push in the right direction, aka Carl, that walkers are the ones who started this, walkers are the ones who ravaged and killed, walkers are the ones to fear and take down.

Walkers are the real enemy. Not each other.

Fuck Eugene & His Mullet

I know I just talked about living towards and working towards a common goal to have peace. But Eugene….oh he pisses me off to no end. He’s a traitor, plain and simple. An opportunistic weasel who’s probably worse than Gregory and that man is the biggest weasel of all. Hell, he’d drop Negan like a sack of potatoes if the pantsuit lady gave him a better chance at surviving because that’s what rats do.

He could’ve made amends with Rosita and Daryl. He could’ve tried. But it looks like this man will never change his colors. Eugene has always been about his own survival, and in a world like this who wouldn’t. But the problem is that these people, Rosita, Daryl, and the rest of the people at Hilltop…they cared for him. Even if he was a weirdo with too long stares and a penchant for spouting off information a mile a minute without any prompting, he was taken care of. He was their family. Their friend.

And he did them dirty by becoming Negan’s bullet maker.

Oh, but he did what he had to to survive. True. Who wouldn’t take an opportunity for continued survival. But he used every second he had with Rosita and Daryl to push and pull at their emotions before vomiting on Rosita and hiding in the ashes of the dead. Let me repeat that. Eugene would rather hide in the ashes of the dead than actually help his family and friends.

He’s a coward, a traitor, and like Simon, I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Carl Hitting Us With the Feels in the Afterlife

It’s about damn time that Rick read the letter from Carl. Last week’s episode had a Rick that scared the hell out of me. One who was unhinged and didn’t give a fuck anymore. This week’s Rick has stopped to take a breath and realize a couple things.

One: He gave his child a wonderful life and Carl wants to return the favor. He doesn’t want his dad to continue losing himself and not taking an opportunity to enjoy his life.

Two: He’s not alone. Yes, Carl died. Yes, he’s not coming back. But he still has Judith. He still has someone to guide and shape to have a life just like Carl did. And he still has Michonne, someone to help him shape the woman that Judith becomes one day.

And three: It’s time to do something different. Carl’s death is a cornerstone moment for Rick. It will be part of the foundation of everything that he does from here on out and he can either use it to become even fiercer and more lost in his pain. Or he can change things. He can grow, he can try a new path, he can do more than survive.

Whatever comes next for Rick & Co. in The Walking Dead‘s season finale has been drastically changed by the words in this letter and by the ones in the one that Michonne read to Negan. There’s no way they can’t be changed by Carl’s words from the afterlife.

Favorite moment from ‘The Walking Dead‘s “Worth:”

In one moment Rick saw what he still had: a BAMF of a woman who would do anything for him, Judith, and this community. And a daughter who needs his protection and someone to hold her hand.

Damn it…my OTP is just so damn beautiful. <3


Check out the trailer for ‘The Walking Dead‘s season 8 finale titled “Wrath”:

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