‘The Walking Dead’ 8×13 Review: Do Not Send Us Astray

The Walking Dead‘s “Do Not Send Us Astray” showed us that The Saviors might have the numbers and a bullet maker, but it’s the people at the Hilltop who will survive this battle and the one after it due to their compassion, love, and strength in the face of turds/egos like the one of Simon’s. It also showed us that people like Dwight can change and will do even the smallest things to show how sorry they are for the past and how ready they are to live a different future.

Let’s dive into The Walking Dead‘s “Do Not Send Us Astray”!

Dwight Shot Tara On Purpose


If Dwight didn’t take the shot, Simon would’ve come at Tara with that ax and caused more trouble and gore than we would be ready to see. It might sound crazy and trust me, I can’t believe that I’m defending Dwight after all the shit I’ve said about him…BUT HE WAS PROTECTING HER! By shooting her with that arrow he assured that his cover was still in tack and that someone he hurt in the past would survive another day.

But what about the walker covered weapons, you say? I don’t think Dwight dipped them in any walker goo, not only because it’s a fucked up thing to do, but because that’s not who he is anymore. He has a chance with Rick & Co. and he knows it. He has a chance to be a better man and change his life and he’s not going to let it get away. Not for Simon. Not for the rest of The Saviors.

Keeping this in mind I really enjoyed Tara’s own comparison with Dwight. Who the hell knows what kind of people we would be if we fell into the wrong hands? Who the hell knows what we would do to survive? And who the hell knows how the world and a charismatic leader would chew us up and spit us out? Tara broke her bonds with the Governor and became this badass motherfucker that we know today.

Maybe Dwight can follow in her footsteps too?

(Again, can’t believe I’m defending Dwight but bro definitely shot her so Simon couldn’t hurt her.)

Simon Digging His Own Grave, Part Two


By throwing his own men to the wolves Simon chipped away at what The Saviors are. No ones going to follow a man that has no problem sacrificing his own men/not giving a shit about them. And I bet you that everyone there, everyone who had a radio and was listening in to his conversation with Maggie, heard Simon’s words and was changed.

At least Negan would come for his people or cause a fucking ruckus in retaliation. Simon doesn’t care one iota and the seeds of doubt and destruction have been sown into the minds of “his” people. These seeds will be more destructive than any bullet or infected knife that The Saviors have in their weapons cache No matter how big or strong they think they are, they need people. They need bodies to go out there and spread their message. And with these seeds of doubt, now we’ll see these strong links to the Savior cause starting to buckle.

It doesn’t take the end of the world to understand that people want to be cared for, thought about, and seen as a worthwhile individual. Negan, however twisted he was or how much he terrorized his people, made his community feel that. They felt cared for. With Simon, that care is gone and only the thrill of the hunt and his bloodlust are important. It’s a disaster waiting to happen and I can’t wait to see how the tides turn for this wannabe leader.

What Differentiates The Hilltop From The Saviors


Let’s talk about this little slide. This right here is a clear indication/example of why the people at Hilltop are vastly different from The Saviors. Daryl rushes in, aka slides in like he’s in a Tom Cruise movie or he’s Kylo Ren trying to force call Rey, and after making sure everything is square in the room he checks on Carol. He grabs her arm, gives her a once over, and asks if she’s alright. Not two seconds later Maggie and Rick rush into the room to help out as well.

This right here. This love, this care, this having each other’s back no matter what, is what differentiates the Hilltop people from The Saviors. Sure, Simon (Negan) has the numbers and a bullet maker to keep them going and terrorizing for a bit longer, but Hilltop has love. It has compassion. It has mercy. And I know this sounds cheesy AF and you’re about to write this off because it sounds like a Lifetime movie, but it’s true.

It’s people like Rick & Co. and the rest of Hilltop that survive another day and grow stronger because they haven’t forgotten who they were before the apocalypse and who they lost on the way. They’re the ones who will raise the next generation of leaders, warriors, farmers, and engineers. And they’ll survive their parents and their parents after that because they’ll still have compassion and understanding instead of letting this world ruin them.

So, keep running your mouth Simon. Keep scheming and trying to destroy people like the ones at Hilltop. They are survivors who will outlive you and anyone who comes after.

Favorite moment from The Walking Dead‘s “Do Not Send Us Astray”:

Best. Pickup. Line. Ever.


Check out the trailer for next week’s The Walking Dead titled “Still Gotta Mean Something”:

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