‘One Day at a Time’ is Returning for Season 3 in 2019!

Netflix has confirmed that One Day at a Time is returning for season three! In a surprise announcement the Twitter account for the show posted a video confirming that we’re going to be getting more of the show. In the clip, which we’ve added below, Penelope is pulling back each and every curtain that Lydia put up in her room, each curtain revealing the message we’re all been waiting for.

And even though the show is set to return in 2019 and even though we want to build a time machine or call up The Doctor to take us to the future, we’re crying and over the moon that this show is being given another season. Season three will consist of 13 more 30-minute episodes and the main cast is set to return.

One Day at a Time is more than just a comedy about a Cuban family in the U.S. It’s a comedy drama that covers issues like mental illness, identity, LGBT, immigration, and gun control. It’s all under one roof. And if that wasn’t good enough for you let’s think about things behind the scenes. This show is written, directed, and produced by a diverse group of Latinos who know what it is to live the Latinx life in America.

We’d love to thank every single person who tweeted, shared, and talked about this show. It’s because of people and organizations like you that more people heard about this show and that Netflix heard out voices. To close this news off we’d like to share these words from an open letter to Netflix from the National Hispanic Media Coalition and it’s associates:

From the writers’ room, through to the cast and the crew, “One Day at a Time” has set the gold standard for equitable and positive representation. But it is high time that Latinos are represented equitably and positively throughout the television industry. While writers, directors, and producers like Kellett and Royce are doing their part to tip the scales, we need Netflix’s continued support of shows that Hispanic and Latino communities embrace.

Through “One Day at a Time”, Netflix is not only pro-actively shifting the public narrative of Latino Americans, but simultaneously setting the standard for positive and equitable representation of Latinos in television. That is why we request your continued support and urge you to renew “One Day at a Time” by moving forward with season three.

You can read the rest of the letter HERE and thank ODAAT HERE.

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