Why Netflix Needs to Renew ‘One Day At A Time’ Roundtable

A few days ago, One Day At A Time show-runner and overall inspirational woman Gloria Calderón Kellet tweeted the news that Netflix was unsure about renewing the sitcom for a season four, prompting an outpouring of support and a lot of personal takes on why this show matters, and why it should be renewed.

We had to throw our two cents in.

For me, personally, because this show represents the first time I’ve ever seen myself and my family represented on TV, and for all the people joining us because they also love this show, for many, varied reasons. So, join me and Fangirlish writers Lyra, Beata, Hillary and Amanda, as well as guests Alejandra, Cherra, Amanda M and Priya as we discuss why One Day At A Time is a transcendental show and why it deserves a Season 4.


Let’s start with the most important question – why should Netflix renew One Day At A Time? What makes this show something that we need to have on our TV screens?

Lizzie: For starters, because it’s just a damn good show. It’s also the type of show that can have the important conversations, send the important messages, and do it in a way that feels real and easy to grasp. And hey, did I mention this is a really, really funny show? And that it’s one of the few shows that take care to do latinx representation right, that feel like our story matters? Networks and streaming service love to pay lip service to representation, and people online love to yell for more inclusion and more awareness, well, this show does all the networks and streaming services + the loud people online say they want. So why cancel it? That’s the question.

Lyra: Netflix should renew One Day at a Time because this show makes me feel seen by showing parts in their characters that are oh so real and inside of me as well. I see myself in Penelope’s depression and struggle with mental health. I see myself in Schneider’s need for family. I see myself in Lydia’s grand nature to hide the pain inside. I see myself in Alex and his fierce protectiveness of his sister. And I see myself in Elena because she is a queer Latinx woman like me. Each and every single one of these characters makes me feel like I’m watching aspects of my life come to screen. Seeing that feels like validation, like my experiences are real and will continue to be real long after the screen goes black. And that right there is why One Day at a Time is worth a 4th, 5th, and 6th season order!

Beata: It’s just so good! It’s hilarious, it’s full of characters that will steal your heart within the first few episodes, and it tackles really important topics really well. It balances humour with seriousness so well. It also does representation so much better that pretty much every other show on TV.

Hillary: This show is the perfect package when it comes to television. Comedy, heart, diversity, positive representation, strong female characters… the list goes on and on.  It is shows like this that I wish I had when I was a teenager and struggling with my sexuality. It allows conversations to happen, which can have a huge impact for those who are struggling with things like anxiety, addiction, family dynamics, or sexuality. When you see yourself positively represented on screen, it allows you to feel not so alone in the world. And with given everything going on, we definitely need more of that.

Amanda: My go-to argument as to why Netflix should renew One Day At A Time, in addition to what my colleagues have already said above, is that canceling it would feel like an indictment of feel-good TV. One Day At A Time does not rely on a genre gimmick the way The Good Place does, or a workplace environment the way Brooklyn Nine Nine does. Both of those are two of the best shows currently on television in my opinion, but I love how One Day At A Time simply relies on a family comprised of members both born and found. It’s a formula that should not be underestimated, as One Day At A Time illustrates.

Alejandra:  This show masterfully takes the everyday life of a cuban family and injects it with humor and drama and so much heart, all in 30 minutes. The range of emotion, the issues it tackles, the characters they create, all portray a world that I never want to leave. It’s so important, and it feels so good to see a brown family prospering and advancing. To see them not be the stereotypes of what Hollywood likes to show as latinx. Its empowering to see three generations of incredible latina women going about their lives, and impacting those they meet. Netflix can’t get rid of this show, when I can truly only count on one hand the amount of shows with this many fully fleshed latinx characters. It would be a travesty.

Cherra: One Day At A Time is hands down one of the best shows on television, and I say that with no hesitation. Comedy and drama are masterfully incorporated in each 30 minute episode and the characters are three dimensional and relatable. The writers don’t shy away from tackling real topics that are relevant to current times while exploring the full range of  emotions that come with that. Whether it’s a specific character or a story-line, there’s truly something for everyone and that’s a rare accomplishment in television.

Amanda M.: For one, it’s the rare multi-camera sitcom (which, by the way, are inexpensive when compared to their single-camera counterparts) that is critically-acclaimed and makes you think. More than that, it makes you feel. In a country in which the racist and anti-LGBT sentiments of arguably the most powerful man in the world (God help us) constantly dominate the headlines and the Twitter/social-verse, it’s so important to have stories that make these maligned groups accessible to the average American. The show does such a good job at making you feel like you know and identify the Alvarez family, which is the first step in changing hearts and minds. It’s a balm to the soul in a seemingly-nastier-by-the-day world.

Priya:  In agreement with a lot of what’s been said, this show harkens back to old-school feel-good multi-camera sitcoms while being relevant to what’s happening in the world today through the lens of this wonderful family. By one means or another, we can all identify with the Alvarez family and their story. Too many stories are told through one type of lens and we need shows like this with a diverse cast and creative team to give us new points of views.


What was your favorite thing about One Day At A Time Season 3? If you had to pick just one moment – what would it be and why?

Lizzie: I love every part of this show, and I love EVERYONE on this show, but I think my favorite part of Season 3 was the Schneider story-line. I lived with an addict for a substantial portion of my childhood, and the fact that they have not treated Schneider’s addiction as a gimmick and given it the time and attention the story-line deserves just makes my heart soar. Also, THE FAMILY WAS ALL THERE FOR HIM, HIS FAMILY, AND GAH, FEELINGS.

Lyra: Season 3 felt like a study in young Americanized Latinx men. All season long Alex has dealt with balancing the place he grew up in against the culture he was raised in. And that moment in the basement with Schneider, I think that was the ultimate test to show what kind of son Lupita was raising. Alex didn’t disappoint. He went down the hard road and called his mom because when family is in trouble you don’t just up and disappear. You stick around and you help your family fight the demons that plague them during their days and nights. Alex understands that and so proud!

Beata: Um, everything? If I had to pick something, I think my favorite thing about this season was probably the sibling rivalry between Alex and Elena. As an older sister, I could definitely relate to the competition between them, and to the love/hate relationship. I also just loved both of their story-lines so seeing them together was great. I guess that means my favorite moment was their conversation on the boat in episode 4, just because I thought it was fun.

Hillary: This is hard because there are so freaking many, and I keep going back and watching and finding even more genius moments in every episode. While just thinking about the list, I’ve changed my mind multiple times about what could be the top moment. I think at the end of the day the one that keeps coming up is in episode 12 “Drinking and Driving”. Once the family leaves, it is just Schneider and Penelope having a heart to heart. Schneider says “You know the first time you asked me to take Alex to his baseball game… was one of the proudest moments of my life. Nobody ever asks the addict to do that kind of stuff… but you did.” Not only was the whole scene powerful and meaningful, but he was wearing the same shirt in that scene that he was in the scene where she asked him that. I don’t know if that was a decision by Gloria, who directed the episode, or Todd – but it was amazing.

Amanda: As both a Brooklyn Nine Nine and Gilmore Girls fan, I absolutely loved the entirety of the first episode of the new season, “The Funeral.” Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, AND Miss Patty all in one episode related to each other? As Amy herself would say, “Ohh, mama.”

Alejandra: There were too many amazing moments! How can I pick just one? I suppose the one moment that sticks out to me the most is the scene where we see Penelope suffering an anxiety attack. The way the show visually portrayed anxiety made it possible for me to semi understand something I only ever hear other people talking about. I knew I was susceptible to anxious thoughts, but that moment proved that anxiety is something I’ve never experienced. It was truly eye opening and humbling. It also warmed my heart to learn that Penelope had Schneider there to help ground her and bring her back from her attack. Then to see them extend that to Elena, and later we see Alex help bring her back from her attack? So powerful. Everything about that was handled masterfully.  

Cherra:  There are so many great things in season 3, it’s difficult to choose just one, but I’m going to. I’m going to go with Elena’s father/daughter dance with Victor at his wedding from episode 13. No matter how hard Elena tried to project a vision of being fine without him, it was clear how hurt she truly was and how much it was affecting her (thank to Isabella Gomez’s stellar acting skills). The person that was supposed to love and protect her no matter what abandoned her when she was at her most vulnerable. Elena had been holding on to the heartbreak of her father’s rejection for so long, it was nice to see Victor finally make a real, heartfelt attempt at redeeming himself. Elena getting the dance she deserved all along was just icing on the cake.

Amanda M: So many moment wormed their way into my heart. I was tempted to go with Lydia’s reaction to Elena’s and Syd’s experience with the Echo Park a-holes, but in the end I had to go with another Elena moment. It’s when Schneider is sitting on the couch after his relapse and, after all the ribbing this year, she tells him that they all love him. It was just a verbal confirmation of something we already knew and my heart grew about 2347897 sizes in that five second span of time.

Priya: This is straight up Sophie’s choice! But one scene off the top of my head that resonated with me was the scene in the church with Elena and Alex where she told him what she was actually thinking when she made the toast at Victor’s wedding reception. I loved Alex giving her the means and the space to get that out of her system, again reaffirming the wonderful bond between these two siblings. Also, I loved the acknowledgement that when someone hurts you as deeply as Victor hurt Elena, that hurt does not go away or diminish on any specific timetable. She was there for him in a way that he was not there for her, and she is still dealing with that. It was good to see that Victor acknowledged on his own he’d wronged her (there was nothing to indicate he heard what Elena to Alex) and took a step. But what mattered was this was shown as a step. There is still a long ways to go, but that’s OK.


 Let’s talk Penelope and her journey. Did you enjoy what Season 3 did with her? What was your favorite Penelope moment of Season 3?

Lizzie: Penelope wasn’t my favorite in Season 1, for example, because I think the more you relate to Elena the more Penelope is like the mom you love but don’t feel as connected to, but this season something clicked for me with Penelope. Might have been the anxiety episode, because that felt so familiar and real and the way she handled just made me want to give her a big old hug. So, yes, I really, really love where they’ve taken her, and I look forward to more growth.

Lyra: This season of One Day at a Time was all about Penelope standing on her own two feet and realizing that she more than enough. And it was BRILLIANT! Women are always portrayed as missing out or as prunes if they aren’t with a man while they’re on screen. But as women, we’re more than that. Penelope is more than that. She is a mother, a daughter, a friend, a colleague, and a women with hopes and dreams that she has turned into a reality. This honest portrayal matters and dear God do we need more of it if we’re going to give honest portrayals of women. As for my favorite Penelope moment, it’s the one above. Her dressed in white…I was ready for it to be some marriage thing/hallucination. And it was so much better! Penelope in white is a degree holding badass who has studied, worked hard, and now is a nurse practitioner. It’s the kind of white gown plot twist that I’d like to see more of because some women dream about this. Not dressed in white for their wedding, but for a graduation and move forward in their career that they worked their asses off for!

Beata: I absolutely love Penelope, and I think she grew so much this season. I think what stuck out to me the most was how her parenting changed. While she initially freaked out about Alex doing drugs and Elena having sex, in both cases she eventually calmed down, talked about it with other adults, remembered what she had done as a teenager, and sat down to have an honest conversation with each of them. I think both those conversations where my favorite scenes, because even though they were awkward and uncomfortable they showed just how much she had grown.

Hillary: I really enjoyed Penelope’s journey this season. It felt like it rounded out this strong female character by building upon her struggles as a single mom and having anxiety while  balancing all the family dynamics, and achieve something she has been focused on since we first met her. There were a lot of great Penelope moments, but I think my favorite one was in episode 13 when we finally see her graduate and take that next step in her career because it was about putting herself and her dreams first in that moment and she definitely deserves it.

Alejandra:  Penelope grows leaps and bounds each season, not only as a mother but as a human being and it’s so humbling to watch. She cares so much about her mother, her children and her friends. I think out of all the characters I relate to Penelope the most. That caretaker mentality is very real for me, so to see her trying her best not only to take care of her family, but also herself? It reminds me to do the same. She’s had highs and lows but she always perseveres. Seeing her battle depression and anxiety, even though both are foreign to me, is amazing because this show does a wonderful job at portraying it in a way that I can empathize, and I’m happy that she goes to group therapy and takes meds, and is surrounded by diverse incredible women who can support her.

I adore that she had a goal to advance in her career, and the pride I felt to see her accomplish it at the end of season three was overwhelming. She’s my hero.  I have way too many favorite moments with her. TOO MANY. Her moment with Alex? Where she explains why drugs mean something different for him? Or perhaps her moments with Schneider where we see that she can depend on him to ground her from her anxiety attacks? Or what about her moment with Elena when she explains that there is nothing wrong with her, and she’s so proud to have a daughter like her? Which is then followed by her moment with Lydia when they are on the couch and we hear Lydia say “You are enough. You are more than enough,” the expression on Penelope’s face after hearing those words aloud had me weeping. How can I choose? There are too many amazing incredible moments to just pick one.

Cherra:  I enjoyed Penelope’s journey so much this season. She’s come so far from season 1 in dealing with her PTSD, anxiety, and depression. She’s still the same Penelope that would do anything it takes to take care of the people she loves, but she’s also embracing taking care of herself. She’s taking her meds, going to therapy, and being open with her family and talking about her struggles. That growth allowed her to address learning that Elena also suffers from anxiety attacks in a way I don’t think she would have been able to in season 1.

Amanda M: To start off with, I was so damned proud of her when she walked the stage at her graduation. You’d have thought I was in the auditorium watching and rooting along. There were so many great moments for Penelope. I admired the way she handled Alex and the pot. Understanding, but also tough. She set the punishment and she stuck with it. But the thing I loved the most is how differently she handled her mental health issues this season. We saw this year that while they still affect her — there is nothing magical to make them go away — she knew to ask for help. Her support group and her Schneider — and her entire family — had her back.

Priya: Penelope is the heart of the show. She has been from the beginning and continues to be. I was so happy to see her reach the brass ring of her graduation and see her name on the door with Dr. B after that. I love how she’s continuing to deal with her mental health issues and how she continues to open herself up to what’s around her. I’m glad we got to see more of the support group and how much that’s become a part of Penelope’s life for the better. Navigating PTSD, anxiety et al is a process, and it’s good to see her navigating it. I honestly hadn’t realized to what degree Penelope was keeping her kids in the dark about her issues, and that made it so much more powerful that she opened up immediately when she saw Elena having a panic attack because no matter what, her kids needs come first and in that moment, she knew Elena needed to know she wasn’t alone in this. She forgives, but doesn’t forget (i.e. Alex being grounded for the bulk of the season), but she’s fair. She’s a truly wonderful mother in no small part because she’s got an incredible support system.

There are too many favorite moment but one that stood out, especially because it deeply resonated, was the fallout from when she saw on Lydia’s “bouquet” list that an item was “Fix Penelope”. Her telling her kids they are enough and then the look on her face when Lydia affirms that. This hit very close to home because with my mom and other Asian moms in my life, they’ll extol the virtues of their children to everyone OTHER than the children directly. We will hear when we’re screwing up, not necessarily when we’ve done right. But words have power, and the same is true for the lack of words. Of course we all know Lydia loves Penelope and is proud of her, but it matters and is important for her to use the words and *TELL* Penelope that. I was bawling buckets throughout the entire thing and it was one of the best things I’ve seen.


Let’s talk Elena and her journey. Do you feel like she’s a relatable character? What was your favorite moment from her? Do you ship her and Syd?

Lizzie: I feel very much connected to Elena, and I think in so many ways, maybe because I am a woman, maybe because I was that kid worried about all the issues at school, she is THE most relatable of all the characters on the show. I adore her on her own, and I adore her with Syd, I think they compliment each other really well, and they also respect each other in a way that young couples sometimes lack. My favorite moments from Season 3, for her, were, I think, her moments with Alex, and the way that bond became what I was hoping it would be in the first two seasons.

Lyra: We don’t get to see young women like Elena that often. We don’t get to see them geeking out, being passionate, or falling for another young woman without being something manufactured for the satisfaction of the male gaze. Elena feels real, multifaceted, and a whole of wonderfully weird complexities that make her who she is. And I love her for it and need more of it. If I would’ve had a character like Elena in my life, there would have been way less confusion about who I am and who I love. I would’ve accepted myself more and known that my love for another woman is valid and beautiful. That is what Elena is doing for young women right now. She’s giving an example, an icon, that young women and families can ground themselves in and flourish from. As for favorite moment, I’ve got to say it was the conversation that she had with Penelope about sex. You don’t see that for queer female relationships. Sitting down, talking about it, and respecting the love that Elena has for Syd, validates our queer experiences and our narrative. That matters. It always will.

Beata: Elena is by far the character I relate to most on this show. It’s so rare to see teenagers represented so accurately on TV. Writers usually go for stereotypes, but Elena is so complex. She’s incredibly socially aware, she’s kind of awkward and has trouble making friends, and she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing makeup, which was a really big thing for me personally. This season, we also saw her start to struggle with anxiety, and of course we saw her and Syd navigate this new relationship. I don’t think I could pick a favorite moment, because they were all great. As for whether or not I ship her with Syd, absolutely! They’re adorable together and such a healthy couple and I need more of them!

Hillary: I love Elena. Partly because I was that awkward teenager who was afraid of what her parents would say when I came out, and partly because I struggled with not always having a family that understood my passions. Elena is quirky and passionate and sometimes feels like the black sheep of the family. I really have enjoyed how they developed her character this season and how they have balanced the nerdy and her activism while bringing in more personality. Elena had some great moments with everyone in the ensemble, and while her connecting with Lydia was definitely a favorite for me, the moment that gutted me to the core was when Elena did her real speech in front of Alex and the rest of her feelings came pouring out in the emotional scene. It was a mix of Elena recognizing that Victor is attempting to right his wrongs, but also still needing to get her feelings off her chest so that she could continue with living her life. The rejection she felt from season 1 has been an ongoing story arc and having this moment in the chapel with her getting emotional while saying everything she wanted to say felt powerful. Also, I heart Syd and Elena. These two balance each other out, and I think they are fantastic champions for each other and their love. We need more positive representation of young love like theirs. I ship Sylena for sure!

Alejandra: Personally she’s not as relatable to me the way her mother is, but she’s still a fantastic character that I enjoy. She’s had wonderful moments, but I think I was most proud of her when she shared her true feelings to Alex regarding the hurt her father caused her. The story-line from season one of being rejected by her father has been a constant theme in her story arc, and I appreciate that this show hasn’t swept that under the rug. Victor’s actions being addressed even now is great, and although personally I’m not ready to forgive him, it’s satisfying to see him trying with Elena. It’s the least he can do, but back to that scene of her unloading her feelings on Alex, when they are in the chapel, and she let’s out the speech she wishes she could have said, with all the ugly truths, I teared up.  In fact most of Elena’s moments with Alex were her best. From calling out his behavior when he is in the wrong, to letting him know that she loves him and that they have to have each other’s backs. Those two siblings just warm my heart. When it comes to her relationship with Syd, I think they are super cute and it’s great to see a latina lesbian with a nonbinary person, but I’m not hardcore shipping them.

Cherra:  I ADORE Elena. She’s my favorite character and I definitely relate to her the most.  I’ve been that awkward, nerdy kid with passions no one in the family seems to understand or relate to. I definitely ship her with Syd, and the moments with the two of them together are my favorite Elena moments of the season. I enjoyed watching her navigate all the new things happening in their relationship…from learning to compromise on activities and be sensitive to what her partner wants, to introducing sex into their relationship. She has matured so much and I would love to see the show continue and explore how she starts to navigate adulthood.

Amanda M.: Elena is totally relatable and I think that’s why this show absolutely can not go away. There are large swaths of people in this country who don’t know (or don’t realize that they do know) someone who is gay. In absence of that, the ability to identify and even empathize with Elena would be such a help for so many. I was in high school in Texas in the 90s and it wasn’t kind to people who I now know are gay. Imagine if they had had a role model in Elena. (Imagine if their parents had a role model in the way Penelope and Lydia interact with her.)

I enjoy her and Syd together. Syd is so delightfully dorky and I love the mutual lovefest they have going on there. That said, I do think Syd has the tendency to play the victim in the relationship (“I get it, you don’t like me.”), so that’s a little annoying. But then she shows up in a Tardis costume (I know, season two…) and all is forgiven.

Priya: I loved Elena from the start and this season has been no different. She’s absolutely relatable because unlike teens in some other shows we won’t name here, Elena actually acts her age. She is 17 and is still learning about herself, how she fits in with her family and her world. I loved seeing the conversation with her and Pilar in ep 3×1 because while Elena wanted to support Pilar, that support was more about her than her aunt (and it was clearly not intended to be from Elena’s POV), which was gently called out, but not in a way that was hurtful. Pilar gave her some good truths and it was lovely to see. I ship SydxElena forever and it was good to see how they handled the growing intimacy between them and their first time together. Elena with Penelope, Lydia, and Schneider is always great, but I think I enjoyed most seeing her relationship with Alex. They have at the same time so little in common and are so alike, which can cause a lot friction, but it was great to see the moments of solidarity, such as his anger that someone terrorized his sister and her partner, their talk on the boat, and see above for their scene together in the church. Our siblings can be the biggest thorn in our side and our best friends at the same time, and I enjoyed seeing this and would like to see more.  


Let’s talk Alex and his journey. How do you feel about the way we’ve seen him grow in three seasons? Did you enjoy his relationship with Elena this season? What was your top Alex moment?

Lizzie: This was my favorite season of Alex, by far. I feel like he’s grown so much, not just physically, which dude, STOP GROWING, but emotionally. That moment in the last episode where he tells Elena to tell him all she wanted to tell her father? My heart. That was his finest moment in season 3, I think.

Lyra: Alex is the kind of character other shows would easily brush off. He’s the entertainment, the funny one, who always has a line ready to show off how smooth he is and how much the ladies like him. He could’ve been plain, boring, and just this stereotype. But ODAAT did it better and decided to explore the life of a young man between the American dream and his Cuban heritage and culture. Young men are often excused for their behavior because “boys will be boys” and because teaching a young man to be gentle, kind, and understanding someone makes him into a pansy. There’s none of that toxic shit on ODAAT. We see growth with Alex, change, sincerity, and signs of a great man that he will be when he grows up. As for his relationship with Elena, they are such polar opposites. But Alex has Elena’s back no matter what and he’ll listen, learn, and appreciate that he doesn’t know everything but he has people who will show him the way. People he trusts and loves more than anyone else in the world.

Beata: I was really impressed with Alex this season, and as with Elena, I was struck by how realistic his storyline was, especially compared to other teenagers on TV. He’s changed a lot since season 2, and I’ve definitely seen those kinds of changes happen to lots of boys that age. A lot of them are kind of assholes, and they often pick up really misogynistic behaviour from their peers without fully realizing that it’s wrong. I loved that he actually listened to the women in his life and changed his behaviour when he understood why it wasn’t okay. It was also just funny to see him become so narcissistic.

Hillary:  This season Alex ‘s growth felt like a shooting star. I couldn’t help but watch as we see him grow exponentially, both physically and emotionally, into a young adult. It was refreshing to spend more time with his and Elena’s relationship, especially when it was at the forefront of the scenes like in episode 4. It was wonderful to see a little more of their dynamic, how they butt heads, but then also how much they truly love each other and will always have the other’s back. My top Alex moment was actually during the dinner Victor, Schneider, Lydia, Alex, and Elena. Victor asks Alex and Elena to be his best man and best woman at his woman. Alex says “I mean if Elena is cool with it…” instead of saying yes right away. It doesn’t seem that big of a deal but given the history with Elena and their father, the fact Alex looks to her to make sure she is comfortable speaks volumes to how much he has grown.

Amanda: Alex may have actually been my favorite character this season. For a lot of reasons mentioned above, but also his relationship with Lydia. He truly would do anything for her and can’t bear to see her upset or disappointed in him. In the very first episode of the season, he drew the family’s attention to himself so that Lydia could put the montilla in the casket without anyone noticing, despite first begging her to find another way. He knew it was important to her, so he did it. Then, later, when Lydia finds the weed in the laundry room, he could have eluded responsibility for it, but instead he told the truth. His heartbreak at seeing his abuelita’s image of him momentarily shattered was the most poignant scene of the season to me. Schneider’s lapse and consequential breakdown is a close second, but this scene with Alex is much more relatable to me.

Alejandra: Oh, I think this was the season where Alex truly shined! He’s always been so charming and suave for a kid, but this season really gave him some depth that just fleshed him out as a character. I recently started re-watching the first season of the show, and it baffles me cause he was such a baby! I get emotional about his growth, because it’s not just about him getting taller, his emotional growth is there too. Elena and Alex’s brother /sister relationship is something that was truly superb this season. It’s just so realistic how they can be teasing each other, or even fighting one another but that never detracts from them being on the same team and loving each other unconditionally. It’s so beautiful to witness on screen. Any of his scenes with abuelita will always be among my favorites. They are a power duo that never fail to make me laugh. However, I will always be proud of him for seeking help from an adult – his mother – when he saw that Schneider was a mess in desperate need of help. That was actually a scene that scared me, and I didn’t know how Alex would react. Him knowing that this wasn’t a secret to keep was gratifying. He keeps showing his compassion and heart to those around him and it’s lovely to see when you are so used to him being funny but a little shallow.

Cherra:  Alex has grown so much physically and his growth as a character matches that. He’s a full-fledged teenager now and it was interesting to see him really start to push boundaries by experimenting with drugs and participating in misogynistic behavior. Despite those hiccups, his maturity and emotional growth are still highlighted. It’s so clearly demonstrated by his relationship with Elena. They bicker and tease each other, but at the end of the day it’s all love. Even though he’s the younger sibling, he acts as her protector in many ways and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch how their relationship grows as they get older. My favorite Alex moment is when he finds Schneider in the laundry room. He knows that Schneider is in desperate need of help and has the maturity to defy Schneider’s wishes to make sure he gets it.

Amanda M.: My brother was Alex growing up. The golden child and Mr. Popular Star Athlete and a bit on the narcissistic side. (Parenthood has mellowed him out.) I once stood up at the table and yelled at him because of the way he talked about a girl who he knew had a crush on him. “You were the guy who made me miserable in high school and thank you for letting me know just what my crush thought of me!” To see Alex being so protective of his big sister warmed my heart to no end. Also, I don’t think I’m alone in my absolute pride at how he handled finding Schneider in the laundry room. So very grown up — he’s come a long way since “Outside”.

Priya: First off, it is a bit  jarring to see Papito growing from an adorable boy to a handsome young man, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Again, as with Elena, Alex acts his age, and as a result some immature moments come through (such as some of the photos on his “Finsta”) and not realizing just how terribly wrong smoking pot could go for him, because as painful as it was for Penelope to say and for Alex to hear, it’s not going to be the same for him because he is Latino. But what is lovely is that when push comes to shove, his family comes first. He can harangue Elena as long as he wants, but if anyone else did it, there would be hell to pay. He loves his sister very much and it was glorious to see how that came through this season (see above re: my favorite scene and with respect to Elena). My top Alex moments are from the laundry room: is a tie with how he handled it seeing Schneider completely wasted and the scenes with Lydia when she found the pot in Penelope’s clothes from letting her think for a few minutes it was Penelope’s and then realizing he couldn’t let Lydia continue thinking so and the entire sequence of events that followed. I love this relationship so much and it hurt to see them both hurting like that. And as it always does, the show let them work through it and come out stronger on the other side. Overall my favorite thing with Alex is a reminder that no matter what, he listens. He listened when Penelope told him why she was worried about finding him with drugs. He listened when Elena explained why what she saw on Instagram bothered her after what had happened to her and Syd. And he loves his ladies so much and will be there for them, like he was when Elena had her anxiety attack at the DMV. We need more seasons because I really need more of this relationship!


Let’s talk Lydia. Do you love her or do you love her? What do you think of her relationship with Dr. B? What was your favorite Lydia moment in Season 3?

Lizzie: I love Lydia, and I think part of it is because Rita Moreno is extraordinary, but also because, in the good things and the bad things, she often reminds me of different members of my family, and can sometimes be an amalgam of the whole latinx experience, all by herself. My least favorite thing about her, though, is her relationship with Dr. B, because I don’t think that’s ever going to be what he wants it to be, at least not on her part, and that just makes me sad.

My favorite Lydia moment in Season 3 was the entirety of the first episode, because that felt so much like a funeral I attended once, or more than once, in my childhood.

Lyra: I love Lydia. Even when she annoys the hell out of me and the old country tropes and stereotypes come out flying, I still love Lydia. She’s proof that no matter what age we are, where we come from, or what we’re used to, change can happen. It’s been an honor watching Lydia grow past her own limitations and embrace the Latinx life they’ve built in the US. I honestly…don’t really care about her relationship with Dr. B. Good for her is the only thing I can say. As for favorite moment, the gif above does it for me. Abuelita teasing her granddaughter and in such a manner that it’s full of love and understanding. That matters and normalizes who we are, who I am, as queer people in Latinx families.

Beata: I adore Lydia. She’s just delightful – consistently the funniest character on the show and the most lovable. I’ve never liked her with Dr. B very much, but I do think he’s a funny character and I enjoy their friendship even if I don’t ship them. I think my favourite moment of hers was when she tried to buy Alex his new shoes, just because it made me laugh a lot.

Hillary: What can I say, I love Lydia and I love Rita Moreno. Watching Lydia navigate her way in this evolving world when it comes to social progress and still holding on to her traditions has been nothing short of magnificent. Lydia’s relationship with Dr. B is fun to watch, and I think she is realizing how important he is to her. This season we got to see some amazing moments from her including singing with her sister, bonding with Elena, and that surprise trip to Cuba with Dr. B, but my favorite moment was when she turned to Penelope and told her “You are enough. You are more than enough.” This was such a captivating scene because while we know Lydia and Penelope love each other, sometimes they butt heads on what is best for Penelope so having this moment between mother and daughter was moving.

Amanda: If you don’t adore Lydia, turn on your location I just wanna talk. As someone whose family religion is constantly battling with my liberal values, I’ve always loved how Lydia has reconciled accepting Elena’s sexuality and her own faith. It’s so heartwarming. As for her relationship with Dr. B, I hope it never progresses further than where it’s at right now. I have my own romantic ideals and sensibilities that match with Lydia’s-I deeply appreciate how she’s been faithful to her husband even after his death. It’s a principle not often represented in my experience, and one I hope they stay true to.

Alejandra: Every moment with Lydia is magnificent, in a lot of ways she’s the heart of this show. Her vibrant energy makes her enjoyable no matter who her scene partner is. She’s larger than life and I’m always so grateful that she survived that stroke in season two. I LOVE abuelita! I mean it’s Rita Moreno! An ICON! I absolutely love her relationship with Dr. B. They make me so happy. To see that Dr B is more involved in the Alvarez’s lives every season is so wonderful. My favorite moment with Lydia was definitely when she admitted that Penelope was enough. Penelope and Lydia often have arguments, which was exactly what was happening before that confession was said aloud, so whenever they have those tender moments in the wake of their fights, it just makes me extra teary eyed. You never doubt the love between them. I also adored their dancing scene in the kitchen during the same episode, anytime we can see Lydia dance is a shot of pure joy to my system.

Cherra:  What’s not to love about Lydia? She’s the heart and soul of the family and it’s an honor and a joy to watch Rita Moreno breathe so much life into that character. I love her relationship with Dr. B. She tries so hard to deny that she has any feelings for him, but it’s obvious  that he’s growing on her. My favorite Lydia moment was the duet with her sister Mirtha. Rita Moreno and Gloria Estefan singing together? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Amanda M: How can anyone not love Rita Moreno? My good gracious! Sassy Lydia reminds me of my own grandmother and, I think that only makes me love her more. I love how her view of mental illness has evolved over time — an example within the show of how knowing someone who challenges your worldview helps change your opinion — and how proud she is of Penelope. Her coddling of Alex is hilarious. And more than once, she’s had me online shopping for floral pajamas because she rocks them. Don’t get me started on the noises I made when she took the “special” lozenges. Her relationship with Dr. B is adorable, but I do hope that she finally gives him a break in season four. Bless his heart.

Priya: As it seems to be with everyone, I can’t separate my love for Rita Moreno from Lydia. I love how she loves her daughter and grandchildren more than anything, and it comes through in different ways. Alex is her other half and her coddling is hilarious to see, and it made the scene in the laundry so much more potent not just because she was disappointed, but also just hurt that for the first time, he kept something from her. Her acceptance of Elena and of Syd by extension is pure gold, as demonstrated by how livid she was upon finding out that Syd and Elena had been harassed. As it is with most mothers and daughters, it’s a process with her and Penelope, but you know it clearly comes from love, and the understanding comes because of that. I’ve loved watching her learn to accept Penelope’s mental health issues and expand her own understanding of what that means.


Let’s talk Schneider’s journey? How do you feel about his relapse and about how the Alvarez family reacted to it? Did you enjoy his relationship with Avery?

Lizzie: I love Schneider, I love him so much more than I ever expected to love him, and to see him in pain was heartbreaking, and yet it all felt so real, and was handled so perfectly, from the reasons why he relapsed, to his behavior during, after, to the Alvarez family just, being there for him, because he is one of them. I hate and I love every second of this storyline by equal turns.

As for Avery, I enjoyed her a lot. She was fun and quirky and she didn’t stand out in a bad way, but I think the reason I’m not sold on her totally is that I don’t think she helps Schneider to be better. Remember the episode when his father showed up and totally approved of her? Yeah, if Schneider’s dad approves, something’s wrong with that picture.

Lyra: Oh Schneider, I love you to the moon and back. Yes, you’re weird and over the top, but that just makes you more loveable, especially because you aren’t the joke of it all. There’s more to you, like your problems with addiction, family shortcomings, and your love for the Alvarez family. You’re well rounded, sincere, and the kind of man that I would be proud to know and help. Because that’s what he needs right now, help. And like Penelope and the rest of the Alvarez family did, I’d have his back in his time of need because we all need support sometimes and he’s worth it. As for Avery, ehhhh. She’s ok. Sweet and dorky, just like Schneider. But I think that she’s TOO much like Schneider’s trash family. Eventually they’re going to break up because no matter what, the Alvarez family are his family and possibly pressure being put on him to not spend so much time with them, is going to blow up in Avery’s face. Until then, good going Schneider. You have a family that loves you and has your back, and a girlfriend standing by you as you go through a difficult but not impossible relapse.

Beata: I love Schneider, and his journey this season was hard to watch at time but it only made me love him even more. It really reinforced how much the Alverez’s care about him. I think he and Avery are really cute together, and I enjoyed all their scenes, but I’m not sure if I ship them long term.

Hillary: Schneider’s journey went from joyful to heartbreaking with so many poignant moments in between. His relapse was agonizing to watch because of all the feelings that were wrapped up in his sobriety and being a part of the Alvarez family. Their reaction was the perfect mix of tough love and compassion that we all expected from this amazing family. I loved that they all said in one way or another that they weren’t giving up on him, because that is so important when you are at your lowest thinking how could anyone love and support you. Those moments were powerful and made me love them all so much more! I also love Schneider & Avery! Meeting someone who is just as quirky and weird as you is rare, and they have such great chemistry that you can’t help but ship them. I hope we get to see more next season!

Alejandra:  This broke my heart completely. The first time I finished the season I was emotionally empty, the sadness I felt wouldn’t even leave the day after I had completed the series. I was so confused and hurt that they would go down with this story-line, I mean 8 years of sobriety down the drain just like that, his sobriety chip was in the Alvarez Hall of Fame where all their greatest achievements were on display. I clearly remember the joy and smile he had when Lydia took his chip and placed it in. All of that now gone. My heart still aches, but I realized that it’s a thing that really does happen. People, in times of pain or weakness, really succumb to the habits they know and it can happen to anyone. So it happened to Schneider. It will be so interesting to see what happens from where they left off. Schneider has always been the family friend, and in some cases it could be argued that he’s been a father figure for Alex and Elena. He’s been there for their milestones and truly has implanted himself as part of the family. They trusted him. He was dependable to everybody. This show has made me so invested in Scheider and the relationships he built with every single member of the Alvarez family, and I was truly in fear of the writers ruining it all. It filled me with relief that when the truth came out, everyone reacted the way a loving family would. They truly were there for him, comforting him, closing ranks around a family member in need but even better, Penelope was also there to call him out. The whole conversation held in that moment was agonizingly beautiful, because we saw Penelope’s anger but immediately after we saw her forgiveness and her frankness in telling him that he would have to work to regain the trust that was hard to get back. More important still, were the words that followed, “I’m not giving up on you. None of us are.” Full on weeping is what was happening during all of this, because he isn’t alone with a father who doesn’t care, isolated from the world. He has his family and they have his back.

When it comes to Schneider and Avery I’ll admit its cute. It’s even cuter when you realize that the actors are married in real life. That being said I’m way too invested in Penelope and Schneider to ever ship this couple. One season of cuteness can’t combat against three seasons of being each other’s rocks filled with statements like “I’m not giving up on you.” or “Don’t quit before the miracle happens.”

Cherra:  Schneider’s journey this season was so heartbreaking. He’d worked so hard to maintain his sobriety for 8 years and it was gone in an instant. His moments with his father explain so much about his desperation to become a part of the Alvarez family. They constantly display the kind of love and support he craved and he needs that now more than ever. The Alvarez family reacted to his relapse beautifully. They give him tough love when he needs it, but underneath it all it’s still love. Instead of abandoning him, they gave him the love and support you would give any family member going through a tough time. I appreciate how that support system also includes Dr. B who is exactly the kind of father figure Schneider needs.

As for Schneider and Avery, I really like their relationship. They are adorable together, and while we don’t know much about Avery yet, she seems like the kind of woman he could have a wonderful and healthy relationship with. He was so smitten with her when they first met, I can’t help but ship it.

Amanda M.: I loved seeing Schneider get a story this year — instead of just backstory. In a way, it paralleled his “becoming” (or being acknowledged as) a member of the family. Everyone else has had their own issue to overcome and it was wonderful to see him have his time to shine. Addiction, like mental illness, is a lifelong battle. I personally loved that he didn’t lash out at Alex when he went to Penelope for help. I mentioned earlier how proud I was of Penelope for graduating. I was equally proud of Schneider at his first day back at AA.

As for Avery, I’m pretty meh. I mean, they’re fine, but… I guess you could say that they’re my Mateo of ODAAT ‘ships. They’re too similar. Two eccentric and hipstery heir/heiresses who prefer to hide their wealth.

Priya: I was glad to see more for Schneider, get a glimpse of his family (OMG his father needs to be punched repeatedly), and it was utterly painful and sadly believable to see his relapse. This was extremely hard to watch, but I love how they handled it. Penelope went through all the expected emotions of anger and helplessness, but what was lovely to see what that the affection never waned. It was heartbreaking when Schneider took his pin out of the Alvarez museum and how he felt the family, but especially Penelope, would never trust him again. Penelope, despite being furious about Alex finding him like that, immediately said that the trust wasn’t gone, but it would take time. It was clear in that moment they both lost something and were in pain, but the love and affection were as strong as ever. Schneider is Penelope’s family. She couldn’t ignore how Alex found him, but damned if she would abandon him.

With regards to Schneider and Avery, I was mostly OK with it. This is somewhat colored by knowing the actors are together IRL. She seemed like the same kind of nut he is, so I think there is potential there, as long as she understands that his ties to the Alvarez are iron clad and that she has to take the family if she wants him.


I gotta ask, Penelope and Schneider: do you ship it? Do you think they’d work well together, or should the show just leave them as friends?

Lizzie: I have so many mixed feelings about this I even wrote an editorial on my mixed feelings, so I’ll just link you to that. What I will add here, however, is that I trust the writers with this story, and I’m sure whether they end up together or not, I’ll love it.

Lyra: Do I ship Penelope and Schneider? Yes. To the moon & back! They work well together, are really good friends, and I’m down and happy for whatever the writers are going to give me because they are so well written. These are the kind of people I’d love to have in my life and that I feel honored to watch grow as partners, friends, and co-parents.

Beata: I’m not sure I do? I think I’d be okay with them as a couple if the show decided to go down that route, and it’s kind of hard for me to see Penelope with anyone else, but I love their friendship so much that I’m also perfectly happy with them remaining friends. I think the writers could convince me to ship them, but I’d need a lot more development of their relationship.

Hillary: I love Schneider and Penelope, but as a BROTP. I really do enjoy the friendship these two have created. They work so well together and support each other no matter what. That kind of friendship isn’t showcased often because other shows tend to  automatically make straight men and women friends, who get along well, into a romantic pairing. I’m going to support whichever way Gloria and Mike write it because I trust them wholeheartedly, but I am hoping they leave this beautiful friendship intact.  

Alejandra: An enthusiastic yes! Hell yes, I ship them. Without a doubt they are my OTP of this show. They’ve had me hooked since the first season. I firmly believe that the best romantic relationships come from the greatest of friendships, and no one can deny that these two have the most incredible friendship. There are often times, spread equally throughout the three seasons, that hint at them having the potential to be more than friends and that captivated me completely. I can see why people would want them to be just friends, but that’s not enough for me. They already depend and rely on each other so much. They are each other’s support system and we’ve been seeing that since the moment their relationship was introduced. I can’t help but be enamored every time they bicker like a married couple, or when Penelope smiles at him or when Schneider hugs her when she needs it. Those quiet moments, when its just them being vulnerable with each other or even when they fight, which can be so heartbreaking, the way they make up and forgive each other makes me emotional. The line between love and being IN love is so thin, and I’m honestly just waiting for them to kiss already.

Cherra:  Honestly, I don’t ship them together. I think they have an incredible friendship and that’s the way I’d like to see it remain. Right now, as friends, it’s very comfortable and easy. I think having Penelope and Schneider enter a romantic relationship would change the wonderful family dynamic they have going in a way that might not be for the best. What would happen if it didn’t work out and they split up? I’m not sure that’s something I want to see explored.

Amanda M.: I honestly am fine with either decision. It’s refreshing to see a male/female relationship that’s not automatically a romance. (I don’t even watch Criminal Minds, but I am looking them square in the eye here…) That said, I think it is telling that I was hoping that Penelope would have a vision of herself with Schneider in the finale and have to come to terms with how that made her feel. So I kind of ‘ship it?

Priya: At the end of last season, I was fully on board with these two as a potentially romantic pairing, but after this season, I’m more leaning towards keeping these two as best friends who are ride or die for each other, like siblings by heart rather than by blood. I don’t know if it would have been the same path to them being as open with each other with all their issues if there was also a romantic relationship happening at the time, especially when Schneider relapsed. That being said, these two have seen each other at their absolute best AND their absolute lowest and there is a real affection and unique understanding there, so I don’t think there is a wrong answer here as long as they remain a part of each other’s lives.


One Day At A Time has given latinx stories a voice that was sorely missing on TV. What does it feel to see a show that has diversity in its DNA and that tries at every turn to be inclusive? Do you think that makes a difference?

Lizzie: It feels like my story, and not just mine, but my family’s story, matters. And though I don’t think I’d felt it before One Day At A Time, it truly means a whole lot. For me, in particular, it especially means confidence – that you are not an outsider, and also that maybe, you can also tell these stories, because people do care.

Lyra: ODAAT makes me feel seen. It validates and explores my life experiences, culture, and norms in a way that feels empowering and not like I’m a joke or just “exotic.” I’m an American who lives in the United States while having a complex culture vastly different from the “American experience” but still just as valid as anyone else’s. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on until you get it. And I was missing One Day at a Time. I don’t want to go back to a world without it and need more of it as I continue living my queer, female, Latinx life.

Beata: It’s so refreshing! I am fortunate enough that I get to see myself on TV a lot, but it is incredibly boring to only ever hear stories about white people. ODAAT does such a good job of showing people different perspectives from the ones we usually see on TV, and of uplifting the voices of people whose voices are, unfortunately, not always heard.

Hillary: Representation matters. Period. Giving a voice to latinx stories and showcasing other amazing inclusive stories is so meaningful and very important! Like I said above, seeing yourself positively represented on screen that breaks the negative stereotypes has such a huge impact.  Everyone on this show, from the main character to the supporting characters in Penelope’s support group, is multidimensional and full of heart. They are all important to telling this amazing story and it is vital in today’s culture to keep it on our screens.

Alejandra:  It makes a huge difference! It feels good. Pure joy! There’s something so comforting and familiar to see a family that looks like you on TV! As I mentioned earlier, it’s wonderful to see them not being pigeon holed into the stereotypes that exist for latinos. It’s liberating that they are allowed to be flawed, well rounded characters with quirks and mannerisms and just fully human. They fight and overreact and can be biased or too stubborn or too arrogant and make mistakes, but they are good, kind-hearted people, hard workers and full of love. Its beyond beautiful that they exist. It feels good to see them and it feels better knowing they exist for future generations. It’s also so fun when they have amazing latinx guest stars that blow the mind when they are cast! I mean Gloria Estefan??? That’s brilliant! Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine Nine? Amazing! I really want this show to continue just to see what other latinx legends and actors they can get to guest star.

It’s refreshing to see this show display inclusion at every turn, it’s not just about having only  more latinx characters, but when given the chance to bring in more characters they can call upon an afro latina woman, an asian trans woman, a black woman, a woman on a wheelchair, all of them a part of Penelope’s group therapy that is an important part of the show and gets featured multiple times. There is a visibility of diversity at every moment, and when you are so used to seeing whiteness everywhere, in all the media you consume, a show like is magnificent is the refreshing glass of water given to a community that is parched.

Cherra:  Even though I’m not latinx, it’s so refreshing to see this kind of diversity and inclusivity. They really make an effort in a way that other shows haven’t–.diversity in race & ethnicity, diversity in sexual orientation, diversity in preferred pronouns– and it would leave a huge hole if the show doesn’t get picked up for another season.

Priya: Seconding everything here. I’m not Latinx, but as a second generation Asian Indian who is the same age as Penelope, I was pleasantly surprised with how much of myself I could see and how much of my family and cultural experience has similarities with the Alvarez family and their experiences while seeing something I haven’t seen before and want to see more of. We’re just starting to see a glimpse of what can happen when other voices are given a chance and a seat at the table and so far, the results are glorious and I hope to see more.


Finally, what are your hopes for a potential season 4? What do you want to see more of?

Lizzie: I trust the writers wholeheartedly. I want more of everyone, and I’m sure I’ll love whatever they want to give me. But yeah, a part of me wants them to explore the Penelope/Schneider relationship, and honestly, that’d mean Pen has to take the first step, because I never see Schneider doing it, he’d be too scared.

Lyra: Like Lizzie, I trust the writers. I know that they’re taking me on a journey of self discovery, hope, and change. And I am so ready for it! We need more TV like this and hopefully Netflix realizes that. This is a show worth investing in and I can’t wait to see more of the Alvarez family, the development of Penelope/Schneider, and Elena’s queer life & all the adventures that come with it.

Beata: I need more of everything! I need to see Penelope as a nurse practitioner, Lydia and Dr. B in Cuba, Schneider going sober again, and just more development for everyone!

Hillary:  I seriously need more seasons of this show! There is so much that I need to see from the Alvarez family – Penelope and her new career, Elena and college, Lydia and Cuba, Schneider and sobriety…  I am invested in everyone’s story. Everyone on this show from the cast to the writers to the crew do an amazing job at bringing positive representation and strong inclusive characters to our screens every year, and it is too early to end it now!

Alejandra:  I desperately need a season 4, because I need to know what Lydia and Dr B will be doing in Cuba! I need to see how day to day life changes for Penelope in her job. I need to know how Schneider is doing with his sobriety. What are the kids up to? Elena and Alex? These all need answers but selfishly, more than anything. I need a season 4 so that I can see what the writers will do concerning Penelope and Schneider and their amazing chemistry.

Cherra:  I need to know what Lydia and Dr. B are up to in Cuba! I need to see Elena take Syd to Benihana! There’s so much ground that could be covered with everyone. How will Elena navigate adulthood and college? Will she go away to school? How will Alex handle life without his sister around for the first time? Will Lydia finally admit her true feelings for Dr. B? How is Penelope handling keeping her anxiety under control with her new work responsibilities? Will Schneider take his relationship with Avery to the next level and work on building a family outside of the Alvarez’s? So many questions that need answers!  I need a minimum of 6 seasons for this show. Are you listening, Netflix?!

Amanda M.: Well first of all, I JUST WANT A SEASON FOUR. PERIOD. That said, I want to continue to watch this family grow. Weirdly, one story-line I would like to see is Elena to not get into Yale. It feels like every show out there (and yes, I know that’s an exaggeration) has a character who tries and then gets into an Ivy League college. To continue with the theme of being relatable, have her be rejected or wait-listed and then go with her back-up. That’s the reality for so many talented students across this country. It doesn’t make her any less of a writer or person to have to go to a UC or a Cal State and for a family in the Alvarez’s financial situation, it is more realistic to need her to go in-state. Unfortunately, that’s the state of the education system in the U.S. Maybe she goes to a Cal State college and manages to land an amazing internship.

Also, even though my ‘shipping is low-key, how about an awkward spur-of-the-moment makeout for Schneider and Penelope?

Priya: I want to see more of Alex and Elena, especially as there will be huge changes coming with Elena preparing to go off to college and Alex being 16 and all the storyline possibilities there. I don’t like Victor, but I want to see him take additional steps to make things up to Elena. I want to see what happens with Lydia and Dr. B in Cuba and the aftermath of the trip. I look forward to seeing how everyone is there for Schneider and how he pulls himself back up from the hole he put himself in with his relapse. I want to see what it’s like for Penelope working as a partner with Dr. B and what the dynamic is there. I want to see more of Penelope and Schneider being there for each other and with regards to the how … I’m just going to trust the writers. They know more than me and have yet to let me down on this show.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

One Day At A Time is available to stream on Netflix.

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