‘One Day at a Time’ Adds Indie de Beaufort & Alex Quijano

It’s a family affair, and it will continue to be so, at One Day At A Time.

The show, which is now filming it’s Season 3, is adding two new characters to Season 3, according to Deadline.

India de Beaufort will play Avery, Schneider’s new love interest, while Alex Quijano will play Mateo, a dad friend of Penelope’s from school, who turns into something more.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking here? Introducing a love interest for Schneider, and one for Penelope somehow makes it even more possible that they are going the Pen/Schneider route. No, really, really, hear me out. Can we see anyone Schneider dates truly understanding his connection to the Alvarez family? I’m gonna go with no on this one. But hey, either way, this is an angle we haven’t explored, and I’m interested to see how the show will play it out. Romance or not romance in the cards for these two, I trust these writers to give me a good story.

Oh, and did I mention that the fun thing about this casting is that de Beaufort is actually Todd Grinnell’s real life wife? Yes, and this is the first time they get to play an on-screen couple!

Returning cast for the show includes Justina Machado as Penélope, Isabelle Gomez as Elena, Rita Moreno as Lydia, Todd Grinnell as Dwayne Schneider, Stephen Toblowsky as Dr. Leslie Berkowitz and Marcel Ruiz as Alex . Season 3 of One Day at a Time will have 13 episodes running 30 minutes each.

One Day At A Time Season 3 is set for 2019.

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