‘The Walking Dead’ 8×12 Review: The Key

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse than Negan, here comes Simon in The Walking Dead’s “The Key.” He isn’t interested in having rules or “saving” people like Negan is. He’s here for power and it’s almost impossible to think that the things he’s going to do next will be worse than Negan.

On the Negan front, he’s being chased by Rick through a town and building by Rick in the style of an old cartoon where the predator is chasing the prey, instead that they’re both prey and there are more zombies than anyone would want.

And back on Hilltop, Michonne looks like she’s about to slap the grief out of Enid when the girl talks about Carl and throws down a harsh truth Michonne ain’t got time for.

Let’s dive into The Walking Dead’s “The Key”!

Simon is Taking Over & Shits About to Get 100x Worse

I’d like to say that I’m surprised and I didn’t see this coming but…I SAW THIS COMING A MILE AWAY AND EVER SINCE I SAW THAT DAMN MOUSTACHE GRACE MY SCREEN! Simon has delusions of grandeur and with the possibility of Negan being dead he’s going to take this opportunity by the balls and not let go.

For some, as I’ve done the internet research and seen people happy that Simon is in charge and not Negan, let me break it down for you. Negan ain’t the best person, in any shape, way or form. In fact, the only real thing he’s got going for him is his appealing physical nature and that he has standards. Yes, his standards might be crazy and yes, he was sitting there in his car with Lucille in a bucket of blood, but he has rules.

Simon doesn’t have rules.

Right now he’s playing the part to make sure all the others follow him. But he doesn’t give a shit about them or any other communities. He’s after power and the high he gets by making others feel small and weak. He’s addicted to it. And now with Negan “gone” and in the hands of Jadis, he’s jumping on the opportunity to give the people “what they want” and “protect” them by leading them.

By the end of this he’s going to be worse than Negan and we’ll be one step closer to that vision that Carl had when Negan is like “FUCK THIS SHIT!”. and turns over a new leaf It’s crazy, I know, but just you wait. It’s going to come true.

Rick & Negan’s Epic Chase Scene Through A Rickety Old Town/Building Where Lucille Gets Lit Up and We’re Like ???

The scenes between Rick and Negan felt like the acoustic version of a song from your favorite band. It felt stripped down, devoid of any other witnesses to the mayhem and destruction they were to cause in Rick’s pursuit of Negan. And it was brilliant!

For once it felt like they were on the same platform. There was balance. And for Rick, that must of been invigorating. For too long Negan has been a power house of death and psychological warfare. No more. In “The Key” they were just two men trying to survive each other and the darkness and walkers around them. And again, it was brilliant!

But the best part of all of this was that Rick got his hands on Lucille. He chose to take it. He chose to light it on fire. He chose to wield it. And in many respects it’s kind of like he got over the fear of Lucille. When he was made to hold it by Negan, it was a thing meant to break him down, especially because it was the weapon that killed two of their own.

The power that Negan and Lucille had over Rick is gone. That makes Rick more dangerous and capable than he’s ever been. And I can’t wait to see what he does now that the fear is gone and Simon is coming for the Hilltop!

Michonne’s Grief in the Face of Enid


Michonne didn’t tell Enid to back her ass up because she was about to clock her a good one. (Can’t lie, a tiny itty bit part of me thought she would. Itty bitty.) She told her to take a step back because the situation was too much and she needed a moment to deal with her grief. That’s why her face collapses when Enid leaves. She’s trying to hold onto Carl and what he wanted and there was someone challenging all that Carl stood for with their perception of the truth.

Because yes, Carl is dead, but no, his legacy isn’t gone. He’s there with both of them. And one of them, Michonne, is trying to hold onto the vision he wanted for the future and how kind and brave he was. The other, Enid, is doing what everyone on The Walking Dead has done one time or another; let their grief overwhelm them as they shit on the world just the world has shit on them.

They’re all in this together and Michonne will not let anyone tear into what she wants for their future, especially if it was the one she promised to Carl. That’s why I think she’ll help Enid. She’ll help her grieve and understand that yes, Carl is gone and yes, you guys had a special connection, but Carl lives on in all of us and we will not let him down.

Plus it’s season eight. The time for going into a crazy spiral of self destruction is so overdone. Time for something new. Something stronger.

Favorite moment from The Walking Dead‘s “The Key”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s The Walking Dead titled “Do Not Send Us Astray”:

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