‘The Originals’ 5×02: And You Thought You Had Daddy Issues

Daddy issues. I think we all have them, even if we try to deny it. Well maybe its parental issues, because who knows who makes up your family but you.

Last nights episode of The Originals brought me to the brink of wanting to solve mine, but also made me cry like a baby, want to curl up in a ball, and left me feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s good television. That’s television that that means something.


Because television – hell any story telling – is supposed to make you feel something. It’s supposed to make you think, to feel, and it’s supposed to stick with you. Over the years, that’s been something that the Mikaelson’s have done to a fault.

They’ve stuck with those that have loved them and even stuck with those that hate them. But for me one of the reasons that I have loved The Originals for years is that it’s never not hit me right in the feels. LIKE RIGHT IN THE HEART FEELS. Sometimes that’s been feelings of anger and sometimes feelings of love.

But last nights episode… well that was feelings of pain. But as much of an asshole that this is going to make me seem – I am okay with that. I enjoyed the pain. I welcomed it. Why? Well lets get to that. Let me apologize now – because though I should write a lot of Freya and Vincent too – them together and apart – this review is gonna be all about Klaus and Hope.

I think that one of the strongest things about Hope is that she’s a survivor. Now, that being said this episode took me on a roller coaster of emotions when it came to her. I felt sorry for her, got mad at her, and broke with her.

You may remember at the end of the last episode, Klaus said he was on his way because Hayley was missing. Now where as I get that some people may take his absence as being a shitty person, the reality for me is that his absence in Hopes life proves one thing – he’s redeemable. BUT, how he distanced himself from her – how he broke her heart… well, that’s just too much.

We seen at the beginning of the episode, Hope projecting herself to her father as a child, because she misses him. I mean who can blame her. She’s loved him unconditionally, without fail, and she’s told that she can’t see him again. You can say what you want about the Mikaelson’s but the truth is that family know and understands one thing that we could all stand to learn from…

The meaning of family.

But anyhow, Klaus tells Hope to leave – cause he’s literally tearing people apart. She’s scared, she doesn’t understand what she’s seeing and well… she’s seeing her father as a monster.

Now I’ve never thought that I would say that Klaus has pride, because the reality is I have always thought that he’s a narcissist in need of being knocked down. But this episode in their life caused him to stop writing, stop calling, and stop being present in his daughters life.

And I admit I teared up. Why? Because Hope was the one thing that gave him back his soul, so how hard must it be to watch the one person you love with everything that you are, look at you like you’re a monster. The one person who is supposed to think that you hung the moon look at you like you broke the moon.

So Klaus returns and the first person he sees is Freya. The thing about the Mikaelson’s is no matter how much they fight, no matter the distance, they always find their way back to each other. And when they do – you can see the love.

Hopes in her room and sees her flowers die and she knows her Dad is there. She takes off running to see him, which hey – can’t blame her. I would too. But Klaus hears her coming and takes off.

Once again this childs heart is broken. (But this won’t be the only time that all of our hearts break tonight).

Hope knows that she’s got to do something big, something drastic to get her father to come face to face with her. She also knows that she can’t let him see her coming.

But more on that in a second.

Here’s the thing I love about the actress playing Hope, you can see that she puts everything into this character. She feels Hopes love, Hopes pain, Hopes heartbreak. You can tell that she becomes Hope.

And that makes me feel more pain for Hope.

So, the next day, Hope is up at the crack of dawn, when she hears a noise coming from her balcony. The hot popular guy from her school is out there and I automatically don’t trust him.

He’s never really paid attention to Hope. But he’s there?

Yes, I get he feels guilty because he thinks that Henry killed himself and he bullied Henry. BUT like, he goes to Hope, why? Cause her and Henry were/are friends? I don’t know about anyone else, but if someone bullied my friend, it doesn’t matter how sorry you are, I’m not making your dumb ass feel better. Nope. Not about it. You can go fuck yourself.

But Hope is a teenager and she decides to make him feel better and tells him that Henry isn’t dead.

Oh Hope. She asks him to stay while she goes to run an errand.

That errand is cutting her Dad off at the pass as he tries to get information about Hayley from Declan. You know, Hayley’s hot Irish boyfriend who I could sit and let talk me into a puddle of feels.

Klaus can’t even look at her and she’s destroyed. She stopped him from biting Declan, the only man that she’s ever really known as being there for her unconditionally.

Klaus tries to tell her to go. Klaus tries to tell her that she’s in danger when they are close. But Hope doesn’t care.

She wants her Dad.

And she deserves her Dad.

Ok – so she heads back to the Mikaelson compound, where Roman has been snooping around like the piece of shit he is. Sorry, I am judgmental. I admit it. Hope has done so well hiding who she is, but it’s all about to come to light. She tells Roman to ask what he wants to. She wants to hear the words from him.

She tells him what he wants to know. She’s a Mikaelson. Her Dad is the big bad. Her Mom’s an alpha. Her blood can turn people into a hybrid.

There is no part of me that believes that he didn’t know that. He knew. He knew exactly who she was and I guarantee this kid is trying to destroy her somehow. Or he needs something from the Mikaelsons.


Ok – so lets take it away from Hope for a second.

You remember how Marcel was returning to New Orleans? Well he’s back and not everyone is happy about that. But Marcel is still the “King” of New

The Originals — “One Wrong Turn on Bourbon” 

Orleans and his vamps want justice.

You remember Henry and how he killed that girl? Well the vamps want his head and Marcel has no choice but to come for him. Henry is being protected by the pack, but even they know that the best thing that they can do is give him to Marcel. Marcel doesn’t kill kids. He doesn’t kill vamps.

Henry has to do his time.

And so Marcel and Josh take Henry back to his house where they are asking about Hayley. Henry let on that he knows about Hayley. But he can’t say anything and Josh figures it out.

He can’t say anything cause of his sire.

That would be HOPE.

What’s that all mean? Well that means that Hope is responsible for Hayleys disappearance. That’s right Hope had her own mother taken.

We hear Klaus entering and Hope tells Roman to go. And what happens next is heartbreaking.

Klaus and Hope go at it – he’s not able to wrap his head around what she’s done and she’s trying to understand why he abandoned her. She tells him that she’s been waiting, waiting for him to explain. Waiting for him to come back.

But he didn’t.

He didn’t explain.

He didn’t come back. He broke her heart.

And she thought it was her fault.

That’s the heartbreaking thing. She blamed herself. She just wanted to hear that she was loved.

And I think that I have never in my life felt so bad for a character. Because what she was feeling was real life. What she was feeling is the pain that we all feel when we don’t understand what we’ve done wrong. What she was experiencing was a man who couldn’t get part himself to tell his little girl that he loved her.

Instead he told her she was broken.

And that was enough to break her.

So as he walked out the door, because she finally let him out, I couldn’t help but think that she’d had enough. That this would be the path that set her to darkness. Because the person who was supposed to guide her, the person that was supposed to love her unconditionally, well… he couldn’t even utter the words that he loved her.

Hope is innocent. She was at least. Before the world changed her for things that she couldn’t help.

Things she couldn’t control.

But like anyone she handled it like a champ. She put on her big girl boots and went to say goodbye to Henry, who was being put in the gardens to serve his time. She calmed him, as only a sire can do. She wanted him to be at peace.

And as she walked out with Marcel, she tells him that she doesn’t think that her Dad loves her anymore.

I’ve never wanted to hug someone more. We know that Klaus loves his baby girl. That everything he’s done kills him, but he’s done what he has to do in order to keep her safe. Because she’s the one thing that he would give his life for.

She’s his redemption.

She’s his hope.

And Marcel reminds her that Klaus will love her no matter what. He gets it, I know Marcel does. Cause he was Klaus’s first kid in so many ways. He’s been there. He’s felt the pain.

And you can’t help but think that these two know each other better than anyone. They have an unspoken connection. They have an unconditional love.
They find solice in each others lives.

And as he comforts her, he goes in for a hug. She tells him that she doesn’t need one, but he assures her that its for him and you see her arms tighten around him.

Klaus goes to save Hayley, but she’s gone. There is blood everywhere. He doesn’t know what’s happened. But we know Hayley is in trouble.

He tells Hope and she breaks. She didn’t mean for this to happen. She just wanted to be loved. She wanted someone to look at her and put all the pieces together. She loves her Mom. She loves her Dad.

She is always and forever.

But as Klaus takes a step closer and assures her that he’s going to protect her, that he’s going to make it better, you see a glimpse of the man that you can’t help but love.

And when he utters that he loves her, everything seems ok.

For the first time you start to believe in always and forever again.

I guess what this episode taught me is that we can all spend our lives acting strong as fuck, but when it comes down to it – we all want to be loved. We all want to know that we have that safety to go home to. That’s supposed to be our parents. When we don’t have it… well, it’s too much.  It’s too hard to bear.

I love you are three powerful words most of us would do anything to hear.


  • Vincent talks to Ivy – who is an oracle. He wants advice on how to help New Orleans and what he finds is that Hope will be the one to destroy them all. But what he – like so many – don’t want to hear is that. So he says that she needs to just be set on the right path. He refuses to give up hope for Hope.
  • Someone removed Henry from his tomb and hung him. Henry is dead. This means more than we know now. Something is coming. I feel it.
  • Freya – again – had to give up everything for her family. She broke up with Keelin. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard over a breakup as when she looked at her and told her to go. I don’t think I’ve ever lost it so hard as when she said, “I can’t love my family and love you.” THIS IS NOT RIGHT! WHEN ARE ANY OF THESE PEOPLE GOING TO GET A HAPPY ENDING!?!?!?!?
  • Keelin is still end game. I refuse to believe anything different.
  • Hope is heading back to school. Roman is supposed to drive her. Still do not trust this shit.

The Originals airs on The CW.

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