‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – Who should Live & Who should Perish

Hi Fangirls/Fanboys!  Avengers: Infinity War has arrived.  If you have already seen it, good for you, don’t SPOIL it for others.  In anticipation of the movies arrival I have compiled a list of who I think should live and who I think should die.  There’s not room for everyone in this franchise, guys.  Anyway, #10 is who I will shed no tears if they die, #2 , #3 better make it and my #1 LIVES or I am blowing shit up!  Take a look, let me know if you agree/disagree or think I’ve left some heroes out.

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10. Groot (RIP- Moment of silence) I have nothing against Groot. I just won’t be needing tissues if he dies.

9. Loki (No hard feelings, bro) Look, Loki has really grown on me. He’s definitely making progress toward redeeming himself. Which is why if he dies, it will be so that the other Avengers can live. He’s on the front lines, in battle, holding off the end of the world. 

8. Captain America ( I really hate you have to die, but I need you to make a sacrifice so that others can live. XO) I want him to live, I really, really do. But we all know he’s noble, and he will die fighting to protect his friends. He is needed in the front lines guys.

I am so glad someone made a gif of this so that I don't have to keep rewinding this part over and over


7. Gamora ( Some sacrifices are worth it) Gamora is also needed on the front lines, someone has to keep these boys in line.  Gamora is a general in this war and she will  fight with Captain America to save the world. I just need her die before some other folks I’m more attached to. Ya heard?

6. Hulk ( Two green people in a row, I promise I’m against green) I like the Hulk as much as the next person. We need his strength and size on the front lines, he is our defensive end. Lord knows we need one. He will hold the line. Once he dies we start our Air attack and weapons fleet. (see below)

The Avengers Hulk GIF

5. Iron Man ( There is a reason he made the top 5, or it could be because I find Robert Downy Jr. Sexy and Snarky. Love him.) Iron man is part of the weapons branch. He is resourceful, cunning, smart and thinks on his feet. We need him in the last battle (if this is it) and he doesn’t need to die first. He makes it nearly to the end I hope/pray. 

Image result for tony stark gif infinity war

4. Black Widow (Clearly a female character has to make it out alive, also Scarlett Johansson is a Badass) Black Widow knows Thanos very well. I think she could kill him and live to tell about it, but then there wouldn’t be anymore movies. So… Black Widow makes it into the top 5 because she isn’t gonna die first. 

Image result for natasha romanoff gif infinity war

3. Thor, (He’s Beautiful) he has been through a lot. He will try and SAVE everyone. It’s who he is. I don’t know if he will make to the end credits though.

Image result for thor gif infinity war

2.  Dr. Strange (Someone needs to make it out alive, who has the power to bring Everyone back) Guys, Duh! If EVERYONE DIES, we need Dr. Strange to bring them back and save our world. Like for real, for real. He lives!  He needs to live or hide in another dimension until its safe for him to return and begin bringing everyone back. 

Image result for dr strange infinity war gif

1.  ALL OF WAKANDA ( Everyone in Wakanda better make it out alive, I will burn shit down if they don’t)  Wakanda will save all of humanity. Shuri will work with Dr. Strange to find a way to bring everyone back. The will share witty banter and it will be glorious.  Once everyone is back, they will have a house party and watch a Wakanda sunset.   #forwakanda #blackpanther

Image result for black panther infinity war gif

Avengers: Infinity Wars opens April 27, 2018.

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