‘Krypton’ Has Been Renewed At Syfy

You know how you get bad news that you don’t want to talk about, but it’s necessary cause you wonder why? Like you have to ask yourself a million times what someone was thinking and how things like this could happen.

That’s how we feel when we deliver the news that Krypton was renewed. It’s funny how we can get this devastating news but we can’t get a notification about a Timeless renewal. We’re side eying some people and their decision making skills.

If you aren’t familiar with Krypton – you should watch it. You know if you have trouble sleeping and need something to make you doze off or fall asleep for days.

The show is set two generations before Superman and tells the story of his grandfather, Seg-El. He’s faced with the decision to save his planet or let it be destroyed and save his grandson and restore his future.

You can catch up on KRYPTON at SYFY On Demand, which includes SYFY.com and the SYFY App. It may help you get over your chronic insomnia.

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