10 Things We Want To See In ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season Six

Now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially wrapped its fifth year with a whopping finale, we can officially start going crazy about what season six has in store for us when the show returns. Don’t blame us, after the emotional rollercoaster that was Fox’s cancellation followed by NBC’s hero-like rescue only a day later, it’s hard not to be over the moon ecstatic about our favorite cop comedy coming back for another year.

And with a cliffhanger such as the one the show’s season finale left us with, a whole lot of possibilities open up for our characters. Perhaps more so now than before, we can’t wait to see what the Nine-Nine surprises us with.

Until then, here are a few things we absolutely want to see happen when the show comes back next year.


It was season five’s definite cliffhanger, and a certainly surprising one that was. Right when we thought we’d know for sure what Holt’s fate would be coming into season six, the episode was cut short and we were left hanging. Series creator and executive producer Dan Goor says if we really know Holt, we can discern the answer from his reaction, but honestly, that man has been impossible to crack ever since he first stepped foot in the Nine-Nine. But if you want to try and figure it out, be my guest.

If he does indeed get the job, however, how will that affect the show’s dynamic? The squad will now be separated from two of its members, what with Amy being Sergeant and all. Is that something they can sustain? And if he doesn’t get the job, the one thing he’s put his entire life’s efforts into, how will Holt deal with that? Will it be his season arc? We need answers, people!

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“Jake And Amy” did a lot of things well, and one of those was the surprisingly perfect set up of Rosa’s new love interest. Gina Rodriguez’s character Alicia was, according to Terry, part of the universe’s plan for Rosa, and because of that, both women are destined to end up together. We’re not entirely sure the universe may have an overarching plan, but we do know that in the brief scenes they shared together, Gina Rodriguez and Stephanie Beatriz had amazing chemistry and we became enamored with them almost instantly. We do seem to have a reason to stay positive about this; it looks like Dan Goor has planned to craft a relationship between them and hopes they can make the schedules coincide to make it happen, so here’s hoping!

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The entire season finale was dedicated to their enchanting, magical wedding, so it’s only fair we get to, at the very least, see glimpses of what their married life is like in season six. They are still the heart of the show, there are surely a lot more interesting and complex stories to tell now that our precinct’s favorite duo has tied the knot, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to explore them.

Now don’t get me wrong. Wanting to see Jake and Amy navigating the married life does not mean I am all for the angst in any way. No, I want to see them being in the loving and committed relationship they’ve sustained through three years —my God, has it really been that long? Only now, we get to see them planning for the future. Who knows, maybe we might even get a few clues as to what their thoughts on having kids may be.

Or just, you know, let us see what their honeymoon is like. We really need to see that.

Whatever the case, we’re certainly still rooting for America’s Dream Couple kicking ass and taking names while solving crimes. That’s why they’re both Amazing Humans/Geniuses/Detectives anyway.

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I was rewatching the show’s first couple of seasons the other day, and I realized how much more often we’d get celebrity guest stars on. It’s not like season five didn’t have any amazing guest stars —Sterling K. Brown and David Fumero were amazing— but we need more. And after the immense amount of support a lot of celebrities showed for the Nine-Nine after Fox cancelled it, it seems like now is the perfect time for them to come in. I mean, Mark Hamill, Seth Meyers, Sean Astin and Guillermo del Toro officially named themselves Guardians of the Nine-Nine and have a Whatsapp group to talk about the show and you’re telling me they won’t be dying to even walk around in the background of a couple episodes? Think again, my friends. We desperately need Luke Skywalker talking to Jake Peralta.


Okay, yes. Lin-Manuel Miranda playing one of Amy’s brothers counts as a guest star for sure. And yes, I have not shut up about this for years and will likely not shut up about it until we get it. But Miranda is officially one of the Guardians of the Nine-Nine and a friend of Melissa Fumero’s. Plus, he is incredibly talented and has proven his impeccable comedic timing more than enough times. Fans have been begging for this to happen non-stop, and it looks like we may get it if the stars align themselves —or, the schedules, rather. Both Andy Samberg and Dan Goor have expressed their excitement at the prospect of Miranda being on the show, with Goor going as far as literally ideally casting him as one of the Santiago brothers. So make it happen, come on!


The Nine-Nine’s Halloween heist has been something to look forward to ever since Jake outsmarted Holt back in season one, and every year, the heist has become bigger, better, and much more surprising. This year was no different. “HalloVeen” is forever going to be a hard thematic episode to top, because how exactly do you write something that surprises the fans —and the characters— more than Jake popping the question to Amy when we all thought he had lost the competition? Exactly. But we have faith in our writers. They’ve never once disappointed, there’s no reason why they should start doing so now.

Season’s sixth midseason premiere may put a wrench in this plan, however. If the writers decide to follow the actual timeline, it’s possible that season six could start with a time jump to January, thus depriving us from a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas special episode. But whether they’ll stick to the timeline or not is up to the writers, and since they haven’t even had a writers room yet, we’ll see what they come up with later on.

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Is it really a Brooklyn Nine-Nine season if The Pontiac Bandit doesn’t make a surprise appearance at some point? We vote no. So we definitely need to see him messing with Jake at some point in the near future. It was bad enough he couldn’t make it to the wedding, the least he can do is show up and wreck some havoc for our squad. And maybe sing a little bit too.

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A lot of good things are in store for Nine-Nine now that it’s finally going to be where it seemingly belongs: NBC. The network is and always has been the home of some of television’s most iconic comedies, from Friends to Seinfeld to The Office and Parks and Recreation, most recently. It’s also been the birth site of Saturday Night Live. So it’s only fitting that Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended up airing on the same network.

But this also opens the door to so many crossover possibilities. If in its fourth season Fox made a New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover happen, a similar choice could be made with NBC comedies such as The Good Place, which co-creator Michael Schur gave life to, or even Superstore. All three shows have a similar tempo and comedic sense which would facilitate things for the writers were they to attempt it.

Only time will tell, but we’d certainly be on board for it!

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Listen, we could’ve put this right up there with celebrity guest stars, we know, but this is kind of a guilty pleasure of ours. If you aren’t familiar with John Mulaney —SNL writer and Stefon co-creator— or his stand up, you can catch two of his shows on Netflix now. If you are familiar with him, you will also know about infamous Chicago police detective J. J. Bittenbinder and his “Street Smarts.” Samberg and Mulaney have been friends ever since they were on SNL together, so would it really be that hard to get him —or anyone, really, but brownie points if it’s Mulaney himself— to play a Bittenbinder-like cop that has to solve a case with our squad? We’re just putting it out there.

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Because honestly, who doesn’t want to see Fred Armisen play this weirdo? We most definitely do.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season six will air on NBC.

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