‘Krypton’ Season 1 Review: We Know What We Are, but Know Not What We May Be

Alas, one last Shakespeare quote. And a fitting one, I think. Season 1 of Krypton is blessedly, thankfully over, and the setup for Season 2 is marginally interesting, in a way that makes it seem like maybe, perhaps, what’s to come can actually focus on the decent parts of this show (I won’t say good, because, you know …it’s Krypton).

But, I won’t be here. This is, blessedly, my last time writing about this show. I found nothing to love here, and to have to watch episodes week in and week out and find yourself not feeling anything, not even vague amusement, is akin to torture. This job has its perks, and more often than not, writing about TV is actively fun, but every once in a while, we all get…well, our Krypton.

So, no, don’t expect this review to change the tune from my weekly reviews. If you love the show, maybe it’s time to turn back, unless you just want to shade me and then, far be it from me to deprive you of the opportunity when I’m doing the same to Krypton.

Let’s get into it!

Overall Impression

I marginally understand what the show was going for – they tried to set up compelling romantic storylines between Seg and Lyta as well as Lyta and Dev and Seg and Nyssa. They also leaned heavily on the familial relationships, with special focus on the House of Zod and the House of Vex, on top of, of course, the House of El.

They also, at least on paper, established some strong, independent female characters and even gave Seg a friend that served as his humanity more than his conscience. But, of course, the problem was that they never managed to make me care about any of it.

No, it was more like they went through the motions and they expected us to go along for the ride.

So, in general: this was a good idea, very badly executed. I was intrigued last year at San Diego Comic Con when I heard about this show, I was, but the show never lived up to that promise.

What Worked

To be brutally honest, nothing.  There’s no highlight, no saving grace, no shining light. The show was all pretty much mediocre all the way through, which is about the worst thing a show can be – at least when a show is actively bad or is making terribly plot choices you can get worked up about it, but Kyrpton wasn’t even that. It was just …so-so, all the way around. But hey, at least I got my Shakespeare quotes in! High five me.

What Didn’t Work

The “love quadrangle”: Yeah, no, for this to work I needed to care about at least one possible combination. Sega and Lyta were interesting for a total of one episode, and Dev and Lyta were interesting for about that same time. Oh, wait, so were Seg and Nyssa! Maybe there’s a pattern to be found here. Either way, as it is if Nyssa and Lyta want to run away together, I will be pretty happy with that.

The family relationships: Lyta and her mother, Seg and his grandfather, Nyssa and her father, the show did try …it’s just that they never quite hit the feels. Lyta came the closest, of course, because she’s the best character on this show by far, which is not even saying much, all things considered, but even for Lyta it just wasn’t enough …

The show: In general. I said it before, I’ll say it again, absolutely nothing truly worked, so hey, the whole thing gets a mention.

What We Wanted to See More Of

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What We Wanted to See Less Of

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Favorite Episodes

Ha. I feel like this is a joke, and I really wish I could oblige and put something here, but it almost seems like I deleted this show from my brain as soon as it ended, to free up space for, you know, good things. Or bad things. Just things that I actually had feelings for. Like avocados, which I really don’t like. And coffee ice cream, which I really do.

Least Favorite Episodes

Can I just put all 10 of them here?

Season Finale Impression

Underwhelming and unemotional, pretty much like the whole of the season, but surprisingly, I also found it to be effective in how it set up Season 2 as a potentially more interesting thing than Season 1 was. But then again, I was fooled like that before, so I wouldn’t be counting on them actually being able to deliver on this promise.

Next Season Speculation

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Krypton Season 1 is blessedly over. It has been renewed for a Season 2.

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