Hailee Steinfeld Is Starring In Her First TV Series

Hailee Steinfeld is coming to Apple and it isn’t for music.

The actress/singer has signed on to play Emily Dickinson in Apple’s new comedy series. We’ve never quite seen Emily Dickinson as being funny, but hey – what do we know?

The show is entitled, Dickinson. It’s described as the coming of age story of Emily, described as “one woman’s fight to get her voice heard.” The show will be set in the 1800’s – Emily’s time.

The show is said to explore the society, gender, and family of the write – who many think was before her time.

This marks Hailee’s first TV series, but is among many pushes into the scripted space that Apple is making. They have recently ordered a Reese Witherspoon-produced comedy series, a drama project from director Damien Chazelle and a thriller from M. Night Shyamalan, amongst more.

Are you excited for Apple’s foray in scripted series?

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