‘The Originals’ 5×06 Review: “What, Will, I, Have, Left”

An Originals OG sees her journey come to an end and makes us wonder if A) Klaus will lose his shit and B) What the fuck, Elijah! (I usually add a little more here but I’ve got plenty of Hayley feels so…) Let’s dive into The Originals “What, Will, I, Have, Left.”

Hayley Marshall Deserved Better and Other Feelings


Anyone whose read my reviews knows that I’ve got a special kind of love for this hybrid. Hayley Marshall-Kenner has grown from a werewolf that I could barely stand to a badass mother, wife, leader, friend who will protect those she loves with a ferocity I’ve never seen on TV, movies, or books. That’s why her death has hit me so hard.

Part of me is angry, livid really, that this is the way that Hayley died. After everything that she’s gone through, everything she’s fought against and won, THIS is the way that she died; burned up in the sun, her werewolf side striped away from her. I feel robbed, angry, and like I’m one step away from ranting away for 5 years about the amazing story and journey of Hayley Marshall and how she deserves better.

But then I stop and think about the other part of me, the part who has watched Hayley’s death over 10 times. Like it or not, Hayley died protecting her daughter. Flashback to the moments before her death and you see her coming to peace with everything that she’s done to get to this point. She looks at Klaus, the pain in the ass who she knows will protect her daughter no matter what. She looks at Hope, the greatest thing she has ever created and who she’s most proud of.

Then Hayley Marshall closes her eyes; relief and happiness flooding through her. Even if this is her final moment, even if she’s about to die, she found family with these people. Yes, she suffered and experienced great loses. But she also experienced love, found a home, and made a family that she’s proud of. No one can take that away from Hayley, especially the wench that has her hand around Hayley’s heart and is one step away from killing her.

For Hayley, if she has to die she’s going to do it on her own terms and while protecting her daughter, her family, her home. And all of this makes me love her character even more and hope that the timey wimey magical world of The Originals will bring her back, not just for us (the fans who love her) but for her daughter and the family she’s made in New Orleans.

Klaus Will Not Lose His Shit


Scrolling through Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr I saw a bunch of viewers certain that Klaus was going to lose his shit after Hayley’s death. They wanted him to become the monster he was before and they wanted him to burn New Orleans & destroy Elijah because of his part in the death of Hayley. And while I feel their pain and remember the countless times Klaus has lost his ever loving shit, I don’t think he will this time.

Klaus is the only parent Hope has left. For her, for Hayley, he will try to keep his shit together. It doesn’t mean that things won’t get bloody. You bet Klaus’ sweet ass they will. But they won’t be like before where Klaus lost himself to the blood and destruction. He has a daughter to protect and guide and a promise to keep to the woman who gave birth to her. He will not fail. He can’t.

For a while I’ve understood that Klaus will have to choose between a daughter who he barely knows and a brother he has always thought he couldn’t live without. Now the pieces have finally fallen into place and a decision needs to be made. Klaus must stand tall, and on his own, to protect his blood from his own blood. It’s sad, it’s twisted, and it’s all sorts of fucked up, but it’s time for Klaus to stand by Hope and protect her with everything he’s got. Even if that means he has to go against Elijah. Even if that means he must destroy his own blood.

He must protect Hope; from himself, from his own blood, and from any darkness that comes creeping on them from the night. For Hope. For himself. For Hayley. And surprisingly enough, for Elijah and the man he used to be.

What the Fuck, Elijah


This. Is. Not. What. I. Signed. Up. For. The Elijah that lost his memories, that was free, wasn’t involved in things like this. He would never dare step into a world like this. But like old Elijah, when trouble comes a knockin’ where his family is concerned, he answers and fights. It’s nice to know that that part of Elijah is still there but it’s also devastating to know that he used that love for family against his brother and the woman he loved and who protected him for years.

And let’s talk about the way he looked at Hayley. Movie and TV rules say that at this moment he HAS to remember something. It’s just the way cheesy stereotypes happen and that I love. But it didn’t happen in this. Instead he looked away, checked on a boy he barely knew, and didn’t care one bit that that she-devil had her hand in Hayley’s chest, ready to kill her.

When Elijah gets his memory back, which chances are that he will, this dismissal of Hayley, his brother, and Hope, is going to kill him. It’s going to fill him with a dread and self loathing that I don’t think he’s ever experienced. And unless they bring Hayley back and start working towards forgiveness and healing, this pain will consume Elijah and destroy him.

Until then, I’m going to sit here, seething, and cursing Elijah for the stupid he has done and the stupid he’s about to do.

Favorite Scene from The Originals “What, Will, I, Have, Left”:

Every single conversation Klaroline had in this episode was meant to heal, clarify, and start anew their relationship. Without these conversations I don’t think endgame would have been possible because you, he, she, we know that their relationship wasn’t perfect and often times problematic (which is totally ok to admit because that’s how growth happens.)

I’ve been excited for Klaroline for a while. Now I’m even more excited!


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”:

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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