‘The Originals’ 5×11 Review: Til the Day I Die

The Originals “Til the Day I Die” saw an interracial queer couple hit some roadblocks and then plow right through them and towards a truly beautiful wedding that made me believe that people/werewolves/witches can actually adult. This episode also saw our Mikaelsons going through various stages of grief before realizing that to keep above the water, they need to support each other no matter what.

Let’s dive into The Originals “Til the Day I Die”!

Queer Women Fighting Over Kids… Again?!

As soon as Freya/Keelin “broke up” I was ready to torch this motherfucker down. This is not the first time The CW has used this sort of storyline with a queer couple and it makes you wonder if your assumption that they’re a one-trick pony is right.

Fortunately, The Originals proved me wrong. I know, scary but true.

Freya actually spoke to family, approached Keelin, and decided to try. Not only that, Freya accepted that she had deeply ingrained fears inside of herself. Difference is that she’s not alone in this anymore. She has someone who wholeheartedly loves her and that only wants the best for her. This really speaks of how much Freya has grown and how this show is planing on ending her journey on The Originals aka hopefully not in a death because our boo has been through so much and she deserves a happy ending.

Oh and lets talk about Keelin. I’m so proud of her for not taking Freya’s fears laying down. Of course she understood and of course she’s here to help Freya because she’s Keelin’s partner, but she isn’t going to push her needs aside for it. She wants a future where she’s happy, content, and in love. And her speaking up for herself is a great example for women/young queer couples and how they’ll perceive the queer relationships that they’re in.

Damn It, Andrea and Elijah

Thank you, The Originals for hurting me even more when it comes to Haylijah. I was already devastated by Elijah not recognizing Hayley the day she died. Now you’re telling me that he did? Now you’re telling me that she visited him, checked up on him, and had another profound connection with him? If that’s not OTP then I don’t know what is.

These flashbacks that we experienced in “Til the Day I Die” really grounds and makes me understand why Elijah’s guilt is so grand. He felt that connection with Andrea/Hayley and a part of him is punishing himself for not realizing it. He understands that his logic doesn’t make sense and that it’s faulty, but he doesn’t care. His grief is grand and there seems to be no end.

Until he remembers Hayley’s letter…

I think somehow she knew that one day he would be free of his curse. And she was writing to let him know that she was ok, that she’d found happiness, and it’s ok if he did too. And this letter, this exceptionally timed letter, was the push that he needed to realize that his grief is grand but he’s not alone and he doesn’t have time to waste stewing in it. His family is still here and they need him as much as he needs them.

And this time around I don’t think it’s going to be like it was before where Elijah was giving and receiving nothing in return. He drew his line in the sand this season and his family has respected it. And that right there my Originals family is growth.

Never Seen The Originals Like This

Over 5 seasons and continuous ups and downs, I’ve never seen the Mikaelsons how they are now. They have always loved each other, no doubt about that, even if the love was toxic AF and they continuously daggered each other left and right. But this time around their love for each other is different.

Hope has given them perspective on what they have, the faults that lay in their actions, and how they can truly support each other. And this is surprising as hell for someone who wasn’t really into the whole storyline of season one with Hayley being pregnant. I thought it was lazy, ill-timed, and a waste for The Originals storyline. Now I’m grateful for everything that’s transpired to get them to this place.

When this show ends I’m going to miss it terribly. I’m going to miss it for the magic, the werewolves, New Orleans, and of course the vampire shenanigans and terror of the Mikaelsons. But I’m also going to miss it because of the family aspect. Because let’s be honest, just because the show is ending doesn’t mean that their journey’s are over. Long after the screen goes black Elijah will continue working through his grief, Freelin will figuring out how to navigate married life, and Klaus & Hope will build on their relationship as father and daughter.

So, in a way I’m kind of excited for Legacies to come to The CW. It means that my favorite Mikaelsons can return to me long after The Originals are done. And that right there makes it worth it.

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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