‘The Flash’ SDCC Interview: Grant Gustin Teases New Family Dynamic & Cautious Barry in Season 5

As far as bombshells go, meeting your 24-year old speedster daughter who’s journeyed to the past and comes to her parents for help fixing “a big mistake,” that’s a pretty big bombshell.
When we last left The Flash, we learned the identity of the mysterious speedster that kept popping up around Team Flash. It was none other than Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’ future daughter. So how are the new parents handling this revelation?
“I feel like Barry and Iris are in a good place and their relationship is strong,” Grant Gustin told us at a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con. “They’ll kind of deal with this as it comes, as they do everything else. But I feel like they’re in a good place. This is a curve ball, but they’ll figure it out.”
As we saw last season, there are contrasting emotions with Nora and each of her respective parents. When we first met Nora – as a mystery character in last year’s crossover event – there was a palpable sense of excitement that seems like it’s manifested itself from Nora’s looking at her father like he’s her hero. But when we’d see Nora around Iris, there was this unexpected and unexplained tension that really presents an interesting dynamic heading into a season where those dynamics are going to be explored.
“(Nora)’s kind of extra clingy towards Barry and a little distant from Iris,” Gustin said. “But Iris really wants to connect with her and is really excited she’s here. Barry’s kind of being more cautious at first.”
And rightfully so. Barry has experienced deception firsthand, where someone says they’re someone but turn out to be someone else entirely. But Gustin said that both Barry and Iris “really feel like it’s (Nora).” And introducing Nora into the fold really presents The Flash with some unique opportunities to explore not only Barry’s but Iris’ emotions when it comes to family dynamics.
“A heartbreaking aspect of it is Barry’s felt like he’s had a lot robbed from him,” Gustin said. “His mom was murdered because of these powers and time travel, which is why he grew up with his dad in prison. Now he’s worried that his daughter showing up as a 24-year old could be taking away from the future.”
With the definitive theme of The Flash season 5 being family, there’s so much potential to explore the emotional aspects of this show, which quite frankly is the heart of any show. With superhero shows, sometimes that human element can be lost. But Nora’s introduction provides an opportunity to explore Nora’s affect on Team Flash and on family West-Allen.
“(Barry)’s always wanted a family,” Gustin said. “He’s always looked forward to having a kid with Iris and being there for the sonogram and being there when she’s born. Now, he’s worried about what will this affect? If she does the wrong thing she could make it so she never exists in the future. It’s kind of scary for Barry.”
Watch our interview with Gustin below, where he also discusses where we find Barry this season, the season’s new big Cicada, and more.

The Flash season 5 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

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