‘Wynonna Earp’ SDCC Interview: Executive Producer Emily Andras and Creator Beau Smith Talk Season 3 and Love for the Fans

*Note: These interviews were taken before Episode 302- “When You Call My Name” aired.

As a show goes into it’s third season, there is always a sense that even with the people working on the show that buzz and excitement for it has started to wane. When Fangirlish got to talk to Wynonna Earp Executive Producer/Showrunner Emily Andras and Creator Beau Smith, one thing that came to mind immediately was how friendly and excited they are about the show and everything that has grown from it.

One thing that has built up Wynonna Earp over the years has been the loyal fandom collectively known as “Earpers.” Emily and Beau mention how much they love the fandom as it grows now. Even as Emily acknowledged that any fandom can’t be perfect on social media, she feels that Earp fandom is a place of love for any type of fan.

“I feel like this fandom has become a beast built on kindness, sensitivity and diversity. We wouldn’t be here in San Diego for season 3 without the fans,” Emily said during her interview.

Beau heaped tons of praise for Emily and the leading lady of the show, Melanie Scrofano. About Emily, Beau mentioned all the spectacular work she’s done for season 3 and even gave a hint about the season as well. “What Emily has interwoven with the characters..regular or recurring, each one is going to get to shine…play a pivotal role in where season 3 goes.” As for Melanie, Beau praised Melanie’s ability to bring brains, personality and many more extra touches to the character of Wynonna Earp.

Emily didn’t give a ton of spoilers for the rest of season 3 but did say that each episode has something that made her cry and laugh so expect to have all the feels for the rest of season 3.

Check out Emily and Beau’s interviews below as Beau praises the toughness of the cast and crew, Emily’s love of a certain fan theory and how much food might play a role in season 3 of Wynonna Earp:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on SyFy.

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