‘Supernatural’ SDCC Interview: #SPNFamily Talks Saving Dean and Season 14

Supernatural‘s 14th season (yes, I said 14th) is going to be its biggest as The CW’s hit show is hitting its 300th episode. Besides that, this is the first time Jensen Ackles is playing a completely different character and the first time Jared Padalecki is playing a Sam Winchester that is the leader instead of the general.

The #SPNFamily that we know and love is broken and it’s going to take divine intervention and amazing writing to get this story back on track and Dean back in the arms/vicinity of his family aka Sam, Cas, Mary, and Jack.

We got a chance to talk to Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert at San Diego Comic Con and they broke down and teased what’s coming up in season 14 of Supernatural.

First up, the plaid is gone and a smooth looking Michael is in control!

When asked how it felt to not be wearing plaid Ackles made it clear that playing Michael, sans plaid, was a welcome and nerve wrecking challenge because he’s never played a totally different character like this on Supernatural. 

“Dean has played the cowboy, the gangster, all of that kind of stuff. So the change in costume was helpful but playing a completely different character, I’ve never played a different character. I’ve only played variations of Dean. Demon Dean or Future Dean. So playing a totally different character, it certainly poses some challenges. One of the major ones is playing a totally different character in the same environment that I’ve been playing another character for 14 years,” Ackles explained. 

But don’t worry. According to Ackles, when he asked Andrew Dabb, executive producer of Supernatural if this was, “something I’m gonna be able to sink my teeth into,” Dabb said that we have to get Dean back…and still have Michael around. Ominous, I know. And we can’t wait!

While Ackles and Dean are parading around in fine AF looking clothes, Sam is back in the bunker training those that have been left in his charge. Now, we’ve seen Sam as a leader. He did pretty well against the Men of Letters when they stormed their stronghold. But we’ve never seen him be a leader like this before, one where Dean is not within reaches distance for Sam to ask for help.

After all, Sam is better off as a general than a leader. Always has been and Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam, agrees. “I think Sam is a great leader but I think he’s, I don’t want to say he’s a slow leader, I think he’s a better general than he is a frontline guy.”

Sam is the strategist. And being the leader is going to test him in every way imaginable. Sure he’ll have Mary and a version of Bobby & Charlie around, but it won’t be the same as having his brother around.

In the midst of all of this we have the 300th episode of Supernatural ready and waiting. Padalecki has some ideas for that mainly involving togas, Sam & Dean, and baby oil.

“I love me a toga,” Padalecki joked before explaining, “I’ve never written or offered an idea but I’ve been like, “Hey, 300 (the episode), 300 (the movie). Sam and Dean in togas. Story tells itself!”

While half of the people reading this are stuck in a mind trap where they visualize the cast of Supernatural in togas, let’s continue by talking about Misha Collins character Castiel and Alexander Calvert’s character Jack.

It’s time for some bonding!

“Jack is going through a lot of the same emotional turmoil that Cas went through when he lost his powers. So Cas a lot of empathy and understanding of what that experience is like. And he’s trying his best to convey and console Jack.” Collins explained. Jack feels like he’s a burden and knowing Castiel, he’s not going to let Jack wallow, especially because they’ll be really busy and focused on finding Dean/Michael.

“In episode 1 he’s (Cas) very tenacious and he’s kind of pulling out all the stops and doing anything he possibly can to find Michael and rescue Dean. Even if it means forging unsavory alliances.”

Alexander Calvert, who plays the nougat son we all love called Jack, is on the same track as the rest of his #SPNFamily. He’s a bit lost, he has Cas to fall back on, and they have to rescue Dean. The last one being the hardest because he’s not the same man he was before.

“He (Jack) had a job, a job he was good at, and that got taken away. That really forces him to face things that aren’t really that fun for him,” Calvert explained. This is his family. He knows it. And it’s going to be hard figuring how he can protect those he loves while figuring out his place in the world.

Check out our San Diego Comic Con interviews with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert:

Supernatural returns for Season 14 on October 11, 2018 on The CW.

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