‘His Dark Materials’ Is Coming To The BBC

We love that when something fails, it doesn’t mean the end for adaptations. Let’s be honest, The Golden Compass wasn’t the best movie ever and it had quite a disappointing run at the box office, but that doesn’t mean the end for Philip Pullman’s novels being adapted. Turns out that the BBC believes in Pullman’s novels and is adapting His Dark Materials for an eight part mini series.

The Affair star Ruth Wilson has been tapped to play the lead in the adaptation. Oscar winner Tom Hopper will direct the first two episodes. It was confirmed that Lin-Manuel Miranda was previously cast as Lee Scoresby and James McAvoy as Lord Asriel.

Wilson will play Mrs. Coulter, who has less than perfect and upfront intentions when she adopts Lyra into her care. The books tell the story of Lyra, who comes into possession of an alethiometer which is a truth telling device. Through this device a lot of people are led into her life and things happen.

Dafne KeenClarke PetersAnne-Marie DuffGeorgina Campbell and Will Keen also are in the cast.

Principal photography on His Dark Materials, which is being produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema for the BBC, has begun in Wales. We’re hoping that it does a lot better than The Golden Compass, but we have faith that it will because hey – BBC shows are mostly 10/10.


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