‘Timeless’ 2-Hour Movie Event to Air in December

Look, as far as I’m concerned, this is not the end. It might be an ending, but it’s not the end. So, I’m just not going to call it a series finale. I’m gonna call it a Movie Event.

After all, everything – and I do mean absolutely EVERYTHING is getting a revival these days. Who says I can’t stay hopeful?

That being said, I can be both hopeful and excited about this. I can be both hopeful for more and desperate to see happy endings in this – even if we have to sorta disrupt those later if (when) we get a Season 3. I just want to sleep easy for a few months, okay?

So, yes, what I was actually here to say is – the Timeless Writers Room announced yesterday that the two-hour movie event would air in December, in a beautiful thread on Twitter, where they also gave us the name of the director and the two FEMALE writers who are penning these episodes.

Here are the tweets – first, announcing the date:

Then the writers:

The director:

And just general good wishes and thanks:

So, there we go …we’re officially getting more Timeless. In December. Perfect holiday present! And the writers are hard at work on these episodes, so now’s the time to talk about what WE want to see.

What are you most excited about? What are you dreading? What do you absolutely have to have? Share with us in the comments below!

The Timeless two hour movie event will air in December.

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