Ben Barnes Joins The Cast Of The BBC’s “Gold Digger”

Ever since we discovered Ben Barnes in The Chronicles of Narnia, we’ve dreamt of him on many of lonely nights. Look, you can judge all you want to and that’s fine. BUT he’s hot, and we’re not above admitting that.

We’ve watched him in many a things, but we are always excited to see what comes next with him. Something about staring at that jaw porn and seeing that smile makes us melt. Again, not above admitting that staring at the pretty is enough for us.

And now we have something new to watch his sexiness in. Ben Barnes is to star in BBC One drama Gold Digger. Don’t know much about it, but we do know that we’re all in.

Count us in even if we hate it, because we don’t hate Ben Barnes and staring at his pretty face will make us happy.

Who will Barnes play? Well according to Deadline, “Benjamin Golding, the thirty something copyrighter with a shrouded past who becomes involved with an older woman Julia Day, played by Ormond. In the six-part drama, which was written and created by Marnie Dickens (Thirteen), Ormond’s Day, a mother and a wife who has spent her whole life putting the needs of others before herself, falls in love with Golding, a man 25 years her junior. It looks at how their unconventional relationship impacts her family as the secrets of their past are revealed and investigates whether Benjamin is really the gold digger that they think he is.”

Memo to my family, if Ben Barnes wants to date me – back the fuck off.

Barnes said, “I’m thrilled to be joining the exciting cast and creative team in telling this unexpected, modern relationship story with the opportunity to play such a complex and enigmatic character.”

We’re thrilled too.

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