'Hush, Hush' Movie Casts Nora & Patch

When it comes to Young Adult film adaptations, we’ll never stop wanting or supporting the live-action adaptations of some of our YA favorites.
Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush has been one of my old favorite YA supernatural romances that possessed a female lead and swoon-worthy OTP. I was captivated by Fitzpatrick’s world of fallen angels and the dynamic characters that inhabited it. It was smart, funny, action-packed, thrilling, and romantic. So this is certainly one book-to-film adaptation I’m looking forward to.
While the Hush, Hush film has been in the works for some time, progress on the film seems to be heating up as now the leads — our starcrossed lovers, Nora and Patch — have been cast.

Deadline has reported that Liana Liberato and Wolfgang Novogratz have been cast as Nora and Patch, respectively, in the film set to be helmed by director Kellie Cyrus.

Liberato will play Nora Grey who, with her best friend Vee, are just trying to survive high school. But when Nora meets the otherworldly hottie, Patch Cipriano (Novogratz), things take a turn for the weird. Nora’s drawn to his brooding, bad boy charm, but knows he’s hiding something. That ‘something’ turns out to be that he’s a cursed supernatural being, and to survive he needs a human sacrifice. Nora quickly finds herself thrown into a whirlwind passion and a dangerous immortal battle. But not even that can get her out of gym class.

What are your thoughts on Nora and Patch’s castings?

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