‘Timeless’ Banner Takes Flight for Labor Day Weekend

So, you guys want to get Rufus back or what?

For Timeless fans, that’s not just a quote, it’s a challenge, and it doesn’t truly stop at the two-hour movie event NBC will air this December, even if they’re presumably saving Rufus in those two hours.

No, for most Timeless fans, that’s just the beginning. They want a Season 3.

And that’s why the same Save Timeless banner that flew over San Diego Comic Con is taking to the skies once more, with an added bonus – a reminder to watch on Hulu. Because this show needs more eyes if it’s going to defy the odds for a third time.

Even in an age of passionate fan-bases (hello Lucifer, Shadowhunters), the Timeless fandom deserves special kudos not just for their dedication, but from their sheer endurance power. Let’s remember, fans have been fighting for this show, it seems like, from the beginning. And they’re nowhere near done.

So, if you’re anywhere near the Jersey shore on Labor day, look up at the sky and help us not just save Rufus, but save Timeless.

The Timeless two-hour movie event is slated to air on NBC this December.

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