What Is It Like To Date Harry Styles?

I get having a crush. I get wanting a celebrity to notice you. I understand feeling a sense of lust, love, and want. Celebrities are somewhat a fantasy.

Well, they are completely a fantasy.

But what is wrong nowadays, is that a lot of people can’t separate the reality from fantasy.

Harry Styles’s ex – Nadine Leopold spilled some truth tea on what it’s like to date him, and to be honest, I’m kinda ashamed of the fandom that people would do some of this crazy shit.

Dating any celebrity doesn’t seem easy, and judging by the shit that Nadine went through, it doesn’t seem fun in any way. Nadine got a shit load of hate and judging by that – I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.

I woulda been out.

“When you date someone who’s in the industry or in entertainment, it’s like, they have like all the little fans following you and you get like death threats.” Nadine said.

Not cool, fandom. Not cool.

Nadine is starring in Model Squad, which will be airing on E!.

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