‘Timeless’ Cast Goes Back to Work

The Timeless cast is getting back on the Lifeboat.

Yes, today was the table read for the two-hour NBC finale, which is slated to air this December, and, as always the clockblockers found a way to celebrate. But that’s not at all surprising when coming from the fandom who absolutely will not give up.

Remember that SDCC Banner flight? Remember how the banner flew once again? Remember the trending, and the hashtags and the way this fandom has consistently managed to keep up the chatter about a show that was twice cancelled? Because, if you do, you won’t be surprised by the gesture from all clockblockers to the cast and crew of the show they love!

And yes, that gesture is food. I don’t know about you, but nothing says love for me like food does.

And, just in case you wanted proof that the cast, or more specifically, our favorite couple, is there and ready to get this movie event under way, here’s another tweet!

More from Lyatt, from our favorite show-runner!

And from Sony!


Plus, our OTHER OTP IS ALSO REPRESENTED, thanks to our favorite villain – Emma!


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Here we go!! #Timeless @nbctimeless

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And Jessica is also around.

Mama Denise isn’t there, but she’s coming!

You’ll also find a lot of BTS fun on Instagram stories, so check out the cast there!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

We’ll update this posts with more photos if/when they’re posted, but for now, let’s rejoice. We’re getting more Timeless. It’s coming soon. You did this, clockblockers, you and your love for the time team, you and your desire for you …you.

If that’s not something to be celebrated, then what is?

The Timeless 2-hour NBC finale is slated to air in December.

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