5 FEELS Worthy Moments from ‘The Walking Dead’s “The Obliged”

Let’s be honest with each other, pain is coming for The Walking Dead and “The Obliged” set it all up with a pretty little zombie bow on top. The end is near for Rick Grimes and even though The Walking Dead has given us plenty of set up for what comes after…we’re still not ready. We’ll never be ready.

In many ways I wanted to not follow through with a piece for “The Obliged.” I wanted to bury my head in the sand, ignore what’s coming, and forever have Rick Grimes. But I couldn’t and I didn’t, because Rick Grimes deserves better than that. He deserves every moment, every chance, and I will be right there with him til the end.

So bring out the tissues, hold my hand (I won’t let go, promise), and join me as we break down some of the most FEELS worthy moments from The Walking Dead‘s “The Obliged.”

1. Watching Michonne Be a Mother, Leader, Fighter

With the news that Andrew Lincoln was going to leave The Walking Dead, I was anxious to learn who would lead the show. Rumors and news came out saying that Daryl was going to lead and it kind of pissed me off. I didn’t think he had it in him and wanted Michonne to take charge. It wasn’t til this opening in “The Obliged” that I saw the bigger picture.

Even though Rick Grimes has been the lead of this show for 9 years, the past couple of years have seen intricate communities rise from the end of the world. Hell, there have been episodes dedicated to communities where we didn’t see Rick Grimes at all. This opening was a sign of that and what’s to come for Alexandria when Rick dies.

Michonne has this. She’s a mother to Judith, a leader and helping hand in Alexandria, and a fighter who protects her home against walkers and humans alike. She has proven herself time and time again and Alexandria WILL have her as a leader once Rick is gone. Michonne will not fade into the background or be solely there as a conduit for Rick Grimes death feels. Her story will continue,

2. Rick and Daryl’s Argument in the Pit

The gloves came off since there was no where else to go in that pit in The Walking Dead‘s “The Obliged.” Ever since Glenn’s death and the shit storm that is Negan, there have been differences brewing between Rick and Daryl. The latter still feels responsible for Glenn’s death and the former wants to keep Glenn’s killer alive. There was bound to be trouble and this episode saw it all finally laid out.

Rick and Daryl love each other, they always will, but they see the other going down a dangerous path and they have to stop each other. In many ways this reminds me of what happened in Captain America: Civil War. Cap and Tony had a disagreement born out of love (yes, even if they had an epic battle at an airport, it was something born out of love) and it’s the same with Rick and Daryl.

That’s what made it, the argument and what led to the pit, hurt so much. Rick & Daryl are family and all they want to do is make sure the other survives the madness of this world.

3. Michonne Talking About Her Children with Negan

Negan can try to yank Michonne’s chain all he wants. She’s not falling for it. They are not similar no matter how Negan tries to weasel his way into her thoughts and feelings. In fact, she’s better than him. She’s lost, fought, fallen, and still come out on top. And one of the key ways that she’s survived, in comparison to Negan, is her ability to love.

Michonne loves Rick, no doubt about it, but Michonne also loves her children. ALL OF HER CHILDREN. She considers Carl her son and Judith her daughter. And if that isn’t beautiful then I don’t know what is! Just think back to the first time Michonne appeared at the prison with food, the first time she held Judith, or the first time she made Carl smile. These are her children, her family, and I’m so damn proud of her for giving love a chance to bloom in spite of the apocalypse.



4. Carol and Rick Talking for What Feels Like the Last Time

Looking back on who Carol and Rick were when this show started is like comparing night to day. They have lost family, homes, and even their grip on reality or what it means to be human in a post apocalyptic world. But despite all that, they survived and thrived so damn much!

This small scene felt like a goodbye for Carol and Rick. He knows that it can all turn to shit at the blink of an eye and he wants her to know that he has faith in her ability to lead. Because that’s what she’s doing now, leading people. And he wants her to know that he sees her, sees how far she’s come, and how much is still ahead of her. Rick knows that she’s not going to be defeated by this world.

5. Rick Calling Daryl Brother

No matter what led them to that pit, the things that were said in that pit, or the vast differences they have when it comes to Negan…Rick and Daryl will always be brothers. They are each others found family and it’s been amazing watching them grow side by side. They love each other, would die for each other, and I’m praying to every The Walking Dead gods out there that this isn’t their last scene together.

Rick Grimes deserves more than just dying on his own. He deserves to be surrounded by the found family he’s picked up along the way ever since the world went to shit. And I know that Rick is hurt and trying to lead the herd away from his family and home, basically foreshadowing that he won’t get back to his family in time, BUT I DON’T GIVE A SHIT FOR LOGIC! Please don’t let him die before he says goodbye to Michonne, Judith, and everyone else he loves.

It’s what Rick Grimes deserves. It’s what we deserve.

Check out the trailer for Rick Grimes final episode on The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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