‘The Walking Dead’ 9×03 Review: Warning Signs & #Richonne Family Fun Day

The Walking Dead‘s “Warning Signs” was just that, a warning. The end is near for Rick Grimes and I’m not ok with it. Not even near ok with it. This episode gave us signs that the tide was turning and the flimsy united front the communities are, is about to fall apart.

But more importantly, because this the part that twists me up and makes me want to cry while mourning one of the best relationships on TV, we saw what a #Richonne family would look like. If the zombies calmed their dead selves and if every community finally understood that they must start living and not just surviving, we could see this every day, every night.

So whatever comes next, whatever pain is creeping around the edges of 9×04, I don’t want you. I just want my babies to be happy, loved, and safe. I just want #Richonne.

#Richonne Family Fun Day aka Prepping for Rick’s Death


How very fucking dare you The Walking Dead?! I see what you’re doing giving me a #Richonne Family Fun Day. I understand what talking about the future and having little #Richonne babies means in the grand scheme of things. I know why you’re giving me playful Rick, running around with his daughter and playing hide and seek. I SEE IT ALL!

You’re preparing me for Rick Grimes death and I don’t like it at all. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. And no matter what you do, I’m in no shape, way, or form ready for what’s to come. Because honestly, Rick and Michonne deserve so much better than this. They have suffered, fought, and hoped for so much since the apocalypse started, and I don’t want it to end, ever.

That’s not to say I hated EVERYTHING about the #Richonne Family Fun day and everything that came before it in “Warning Signs.” There were shoulder kisses, cuddling up and talking about how Michonne has got it covered at Alexandria, and the OBVIOUS talks about having a baby. It was perfect, everything a good #Richonne fic would be made of, and a game changer for Rick and Michonne.

#Richonne have both lost children, loved ones, and had their lives stripped away from them. But in that room, in each others arms, they were ready to move forward and plan for the future by having a little Richonne baby. (A little louder for those in the back!) A #RICHONNE BABY WAS CONTEMPLATED, SIGNED, AND SEALED WITH A KISS.

I know that Rick Grimes end comes in part to Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the show and his desire to be with his family. But I don’t have to like it. Well…not totally. Being with your family is commendable and exactly what I want Rick Grimes to do in The Walking Dead. I don’t want him to leave his family and if we’re being honest, I want it all to end.

Make season nine the last season of The Walking Dead. I beg of you. Give us that and wrap it all up with a #Richonne baby, the beginnings of a new society with laws to boot, and more #Richonne family fun days!

P.S. I know this probably won’t happen but a girl can dream and rant away for as long as she pleases.

Rick Keeping Negan Alive to Prove He’s Not Like Negan


Remember when Dwight kept Daryl locked up at the Sanctuary? How he picked at him and tried to prove to Daryl that they weren’t any different? Dwight did that because he was trying to justify his actions with Negan, to Daryl and to himself. Now, behind the Alexandria walls, that’s what Rick Grimes is doing with Negan.

Rick is keeping Negan alive because he wants to prove to himself that he isn’t broken, jaded, or an untethered animal like Negan is. He wants to show Negan that he has control, that he’s better than him, and that he has restraint that the Saviour king never had. Negan is basically a reminder of the past and living proof that they can do better.

The problem with all of this is that Rick made this decision by himself. He’s keeping Negan as his pet sounding board to prove that he’s better than him, without really giving his victims a chance to have justice. That’s what Maggie and Daryl are coming for. They are seeking justice. And it might not be perfect, it’s quite messy in fact, but it’s better than what Rick is doing right now.

And for all we know, Michonne’s start up of rules to start a society again, could be the thing that stops Maggie and Daryl and makes them think about what they’re doing and what can be done instead. But it can’t be Rick’s choice alone. He’s no longer alone and he’s not the head of their OG group anymore. They’ve separated, grown, and become something bigger than that little group camped out on the outskirts of Atlanta.

It’s Hard to Look Forward While Still Holding Onto The Past


I’m gonna be real with you. Glenn’s death, and everything that came with it, almost broke me. He was an OG character and one of my favorites ever since he called out Rick for being a dumbass in that tank. And even with all that, I saw and understood why Rick kept him alive at the end of season 8. That’s why I was hoping to make this all work with the Saviours.

Then Cindy told the story about her brother in “Warning Signs” and it didn’t matter anymore. Children are the line that I can’t let anyone cross and this 11 year old boy was killed for sport and to be an utter asshole. Yes, the woman who killed this child was doing “what she could” to survive. But she became a monster. She allowed herself to say goodbye to her morals for food and shelter. And that right there is disgusting and something I would not do just to survive another day.

Right now, Maggie and Daryl are heading to Alexandria to finally face Negan and hopefully dish out some justice for what happened to Glenn. Because they see the line and they know that Negan crossed it over and over again. It wasn’t survival for Negan. It was teaching a lesson, showing whose boss, and horrifying people to work together. That’s not how things work and I’m glad that it all collapsed around Negan.

Whatever comes next, Negan deserves it. Every last bit of it.

Favorite Scene from The Walking Dead’s “Warning Signs”:





Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “The Obliged”:

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