Marie Lu To Write New Book In ‘Legends’ Series

If you haven’t read the Legends series by Marie Lu, you should go back and start reading it.

We thought that the end of the series had come, but it turns out that Marie Lu has agreed to write more June and Day. The author will be writing the book under Roaring Brook Press, a publisher under Macmillan.

The addition to the series was announced and fans were excited. I know I was – I need more.  The book will focus on Day’s younger brother, Eden Bataar Wing. It takes place ten years after Champion ended.

With time jumps one has to wonder which original characters will be in the book. June and Day will be adults now and so who knows what they will be doing in the sequel.

Lu’s new book deal with Roaring Book Press also includes a two-book series, a science fiction/fantasy series titled Skyhunter. We don’t know anything about it but since the new Legends book is due out in fall 2019, we’re assuming that this one won’t come out til 2020.

Are you excited for a new book from Marie Lu?

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