5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘A Discovery of Witches’

A Discovery of Witches IS the show that you should be watching in 2019.

It’s the story of a 30 something witch who finds out she’s got more power in her than ever expected and the love that starts to form between her and a vampire set out to protect her. Now, let me clarify that Diana, the lead played by Teresa Palmer, is strong and fierce AF. She doesn’t need Matthew’s protection and Matthew, played by Matthew Goode, knows it. But they stand at each other’s side, ready and willing to protect the other because they have CHOSEN to be together, no matter what comes their way.

Their bond isn’t the only thing that we love about A Discovery of Witches. Family is a huge part of this show, the ones formed by blood and those by choice. These families, despite being different creatures, aka vampires and witches, choose to protect and trust each other. Those secrets that take forever to be solved on other shows and for the family to find out? Nope. That doesn’t happen on A Discovery of Witches and if anything, makes this show more refreshing and exciting than expected.

Let’s dive into the five reasons you should be watching A Discovery of Witches!

1. It’s the story of a 30+ woman aka something we don’t get to see much of.


Nothing against all the Katniss Everdeen’s out there, but when it comes to heroines in movies or on TV, they’re always young. Usually they’re in the 16 to 18 sweet spot when they take the world by storm and save the day. And if you’re not the heroine you’re an older woman, usually a mother or an unpleasant woman similar to that of a crone. That’s what TV and movies thing women can only be relegated to. But then there’s A Discovery of Witches.

Diana is in her 30’s and IS the hero of the story. She’s not married, she has no kids, and she’s just minding her business when everything goes topsy turvy. This is the actual sweet spot in life that people try to hide away from you so you don’t realize how awesome it is. Because Diana in all her witchy glory is old enough to know things about life and how this world works, but still young enough to take grand risks and defining adventures.

This is the woman, the adventure, I never knew that I needed but got nonetheless. It’s inspiring, eye-opening, and kind of liberating knowing and seeing that it isn’t a jump from teen to old crone in life. There are levels, there are multiple stops along the way, and there is still plenty to learn in our 30’s and all the years to come.

2. #Bishmont is the OTP to end all OTP’s.


#Bishmont, the ship consisting of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont, is set to be THE ship of 2019. These two, they chose each other. In the midst of all the trouble, drama, and prejudice that surrounded them, they chose each other and stuck with it. Diana and Matthew lift each other up, have no problem being vulnerable around each other, and have absolute faith in each others abilities.

Diana and Matthew are in this together. Sure, they hit a couple bumps in the road, like any other couple. But they get back up, they learn, and they keep moving forward together. They respect each other and don’t let the bigotry surrounding interspecies relationships between witches and vampires, stop them from giving each other a chance. Diana doesn’t think that vampires are animals that need to be squashed like the rest of her the witches think. And Matthew doesn’t think that witches are the enemy, despite the witches coming after him and Diana.

And ALL OF THAT is what makes this OTP epic and so worthwhile!

Special sidenote for sexy times between Diana and Matthew. He takes care of her and doesn’t see it as an “extra” thing he has to do to please her. Diana’s pleasure is important to Matthew and he takes real good care of her. The filming of these sex scenes makes it all better because it’s told from Diana’s POV. Her pleasure and fulfillment is important and is nothing to be looked down or frowned upon.

3. Queer aunts who feel real and who support their adopted daughter.


Spoiler alert, Diana’s parents aren’t around. For reasons that you won’t find out until you start watching, Diana is raised by her mother’s sister (Sarah) and her wife (Emily.) These two women are Diana’s rock and her guiding light throughout this life of magic. If there’s something that she needs, Diana comes to them because she trusts them wholeheartedly to have her back. She’s not alone in all of this trouble coming her way and that matters because for some reason heroes are always lacking in the family department and are usually orphans.

Now, onto her queer aunt’s. They are married, have their own house, and share a special bond grounded in patience, understanding, and fulfilling/anticipating each other’s needs. They are funny, they are honest, and dear lord they are super cute and domestic AF. These two women are everything that I’ve wanted from a lesbian couple and more. They are just regular people, minus the magic, trying to make it through their day while helping to raise a young woman across the sea.

Regular couples like this one are essential to showing the world that LGBTQ+ couples are just like everyone else. we’re nothing extra spooky or something that you should fear. We’re just people trying to make it through the day while loving and supporting those close to us. And that’s why Sarah and Emily are so important one of the main reasons I love this show!

4. Families who are there for each other no matter what.


Diana and Matthew are not alone in the adventure and circumstances that are coming their way. They have family. And honestly, I don’t think it’s the kind of family I’ve seen before. For example, there are no secrets. If crazy shit is about to go down or if they’ve gotten to the point where they want to be together forever, Diana and Matthew lay it all out. They would rather spend their time together, not hiding from the world behind secrets, and I love them for it.

Also, their families have their backs 24/7. Yes, some might not agree with each other and might throw a fit or two. But they love Diana and Matthew and will set aside their pettiness or feelings because they are a family. Betrayals? Bye, girl. Diana or Matthew going off on their own to solve stuff without their family? Oh, I don’t think so.

The families in A Discovery of Witches prove that you can write compelling drama without sacrificing relationships. In fact, those relationships that Diana and Matthew have, make them stronger allies, lovers, and champions for the betterment of all supernatural kind.

5. Actual drama that makes sense and isn’t there for dramas sake.


Everything that happens in A Discovery of Witches matters. There’s no time for filler episodes or drama for dramas sake. They have a limited amount of episodes and they make sure that every moment is spent telling the story of Diana, Matthew, and the rest of their family.

The lack of drama for drama’s sake makes it so that you have to be on point with each episode. Pause if you can if you’re going to go to the bathroom or getting snacks. You don’t know what you might miss but you shouldn’t risk it. Trust me. It’s that good!

Bonus Reason:

They’re both nerds who love books, history, and learning from each other.


Check out the trailer for season one for A Discovery of Witches:

A Discovery of Witches premieres January 17, 2019 on Sundance Now and Shudder.

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