‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 6×01 Review: “Honeymoon” for Three, Hoots, and Peraltiago

I’m glad that we don’t have to live in a world where Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 didn’t happen. It did. We’re here. And dear lord was it good! The Nine-Nine returned to our hearts, minds, and funny bone in “Honeymoon,” an episode that starts directly after the events of the season 5 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Unfortunately, spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the episode and you’re here anyway, Captain Holt didn’t get the job. Some slice of wonder bread who essentially wants to throw the NYPD back into the dark ages of stop and frisk, got the job. And it fucking sucks.

Luckily Holt isn’t alone in this. Sure, he kind of crashed Jake and Amy’s honeymoon, but it wouldn’t be Brooklyn Nine-Nine if shenanigans like this didn’t happen. Also, Jake and Amy are his family. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the precinct or all the way in Mexico. Family helps, family guides, and family gets you back on track when you’re moping about asking what about you screams loser.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Honeymoon”!

Peraltiago is OTP Gold


Every single moment between Jake and Amy in “Honeymoon” was golden. They supported each other coconut and grape dreams. They were totally cool with inviting Holt to their honeymoon activities because they wanted to be there for him, together, as a united front of family and friendship to the Captain.

THEY EVEN DRESSED UP AS EACH OTHERS SEXUAL FANTASIES! And that right there is the biggest and most beautiful thing these two dorks have done for each other. They don’t totally understand why the other gets turned on by Hollie Genero or the guy who invented the Dewey Decimal System, but they took a chance and did it because they love and support each other.

Just think about it, they had to plan this. They had to sit down, make up a script so they know what to say to each other to turn the other on, and they had to put a costume together. Peraltiago did their research and took their time to do something for someone they love. And I just can’t get over that. They’ve set the bar so damn high that I don’t know how anyone’s going to top them.

But, I welcome other OTP’s to try!

Captain Holt and All His Hoots


I can’t believe it took me this long to realize and understand that Captain Raymond Holt is one dramatic man. He threw the biggest fit when his sister came around and yet covers up the fact that he’s like her in many regards by using his monotone voice and strict set of rules as a shield. “Honeymoon” laid it all out for us helped us understand our Captain a little more.

Holt ran to Mexico because he was hurt and disappointed. He wanted an explanation, someone to just come out with the truth of why he hadn’t been picked, when the matter of the fact is that his anxiety is a brutal force just like it is to…well…all of us. “Honeymoon” did make me realize Holt was a dramatic bitch but it also helped me understand and respect the man he is and how far he’s come. Sure, things didn’t fall into the way or manner that he wanted. But he tried. He fell, he took his hoots to Mexico, and learned how to let them go with his family by his side.

That’s growth, that’s character development, and that’s the reason I love this show to the moon and back. Six seasons in and they are all continuing to grow and showing that you can get right back up when you stumble. Also, that you can learn. Just because Holt is an older man doesn’t mean that the life lessons end, even for someone as strict and detail oriented as Holt. They keep coming at you no matter what age you are and it’s your choice whether you listen and grow or ignore and falter.

Holt listened. And as I grow older I hope to do the same thing too.

Amy Santiago and All Her Hoots


I’m insanely proud of Amy Santiago. This badass, talented, opinionated, and math camp loving nerd has hit some major milestones in her life. She passed her sergeants exam, she got engaged and then married, and she finally stood up to the one man that she’s always idolized or thought highly of: Captain Raymond Holt.

Now, Amy’s gone off on the Captain before. But she’s regretted almost instantly and seen it as an out of body experience. It wasn’t “like Amy.” This time and in this episode, Amy was done. All the hoots flew right out the window! And it wasn’t just because Holt was bad mouthing her husband (omg it feels so weird but nice to say that about Peraltiago). Amy did what she did because she didn’t need his approval anymore.

Amy no longer fears Captain Holt, what he can do to her career, or what he thinks of her. Times have changed, she’s got a ride or die next to her, and she no longer is the same person she was before. For that, I’m over the moon, especially because she’s a Latina lead on a comedy entering its sixth season. How many Latinas can you name that are on TV, breaking stereotypes, and living their best life? I’ll wait.

Ok, the wait is over. Little to none, that’s how many Latinas like Amy Santiago you see on TV that grow, learn, flourish and all those sappy feel good words that show how far she’s come.

Captain Holt’s Vacation TV Shirts:


What’s Up Beaches?

Muscle Shirt.

DTF “Down to Fiesta”

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor!!!

SLUT (with a pineapple wearing a thong)

Favorite Quotes:


“Don’t worry. I’m not listening to you. I’m just thinking about the sea bass is cold. But not as cold and cruel as the hands of fate that have thrust my entire life into darkness.” – Captain Holt

“Ooops. Sorry. Can’t even float right. Just push me away. Everyone else does.” – Captain Holt

“Tell me, what is it about me that screams loser?” – Captain Holt

“Really Gina? And where does my nose belong if not inside our parents.” – Charles Boyle

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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