‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 1×04 Review: “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?”

This week’s Roswell, New Mexico, titled “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” saw Liz Ortecho doing what she wants, when wants, with whomever she wants. It’s a liberating and powerful stance to take at the beginning of your show and it sets the stage for what kind of show Roswell, New Mexico will be from here on out.

And even though I’m a little miffed at Liz for her hot/cold self and experimenting on Max, I know that things aren’t black & white or simple at all. There are shades of grey that make you take pause and try to understand what another person is going through, even if they are an alien. And this distinction and care for every character of Roswell, New Mexico, sets this show apart.

Liz Having Sex Because She’s an Adult


When women have sex on TV, they are looked down upon, especially if that sex is no strings comfort to get you through the night. They’re called “loose women” and get the word “whore” stamped all over them. Basically, they get the shit end of the stick because they did what they wanted with their bodies with no shame. And I’m here to tell those sexist haters to A) Fuck off and B) to mind their own damn business because I’ve got Liz’s back to the moon and back.

Liz had sex with Kyle because she wanted to. They talked about it, knew that it wasn’t going to be the beginning of a relationship, and took what they were willingly given. And I fucking loved it and didn’t expect it. It’s a whole new world and I feel like every year, and every TV season, we push away from the stereotypes and tropes that have hurt women and how they are portrayed/perceived on TV. Roswell, New Mexico is doing just that!

So, yes Liz and Max are my OTP and what I think endgame will be all about down the road. But until Liz and Max decide that, they can do whatever the hell they want with whomever they want. No judgement here because they are not in a relationship yet. Also, friendly reminder that Max slept with his partner Cameron and no one has been giving him shit for it. So, no, Max was not mad that Liz slept with Kyle when he walked into the Crashdown. Max was upset because his alien secret was out.

They’re both adults and I’m glad that neither has shamed the other for who they decide to let into their bed, clothes, or hearts. That speaks of a level of maturity that we don’t see often enough and that I’d personally love to see every day of the week and twice on Sundays. And imagine, if Roswell, New Mexico is handing things this way when it comes to sex, at the beginning of their series, imagine down the line?! I’m excited, nervous, and looking forward to all the TV that will blow convention away.

Waiting for the Isobel/Rosa Revelations


I’m queer, can you blame me for seeing the signs between Isobel and Rosa? No. Cuz there is something there. Something brewing that is full of confusion, anger, and misunderstandings until the cows come home. I saw it during last week’s episode where Isobel tried to get into Liz’s head, and I see it again this week in Maria’s recount of what happened before when Izzy was messing around with her head.

My gaydar is also tingling and going off because of how adamant Isobel is about knowing why Rosa hated her. You don’t want to just know this tidbit because you’re trying to push Liz out of town. Isobel wants to know what Rosa felt about her for herself. And that leads me to be extra super duper curious about what was built between them before Rosa died.

Also, before anyone tries to tell me that there was nothing between Isobel and Rosa and that I need to stop making it “all gay”, because there are assholes that get mad at that and say that, keep in mind that the heteronormative gaze is real. If these exact circumstances were happening between a man and a woman, there would be no one having a problem about these two possibly being together.

Maria and Michael Have the Chemistry!


When I think back to the OG Roswell, I remember Maria and Michael. They were my endgame and one of my first OTP’s EVER! Coming into Roswell, New Mexico I expected that same couple to happen. But some unexpected surprises were in store that I can’t help but love.

Michael is bisexual and in a semi like/love relationship with Alex. Honestly, it’s perfect. I’m bisexual myself and love that Roswell, New Mexico is pushing limits and trying out new things that connect with viewers aka me. I’m down for giving Michael and Alex a chance to shine, thrive, and grow into something beautiful. Especially if I get more of those morning after scenes that queer people don’t get as often as we should.

But this episode…SHOWED ME THERE IS STILL A CHANCE FOR MICHAEL AND MARIA! They have the chemistry. Dear lord, they do. Part of it is due to Heather Hemmens who plays Maria DeLuca. She’s got absolute chemistry with everyone that enters her line of site. And this week, we got to see her character tease, chat up, and go toe to toe with Michael.

I’m here for the long haul. I’ve decided it right now. So whether, it’s Maria/Michael or Michael/Alex, I’m down and I’m so watching!

Additional Thoughts:

  1. I’m proud that Max walked away from Liz. If they are ever to have something in the future, he needs to stand on his own and find himself instead of holding onto the memory of Liz. He’s been in love with her for 10 years and I think it’s time for him to stop stagnating and start exploring who he is and what he wants to do in his life as a cop.
  2. Michael did what now?! He was the alien involved in the death of those girls? Maybe not Rosa, cuz he didn’t explicetly name her. But dear lord, he was involved and now I know why Max and Isobel are so willing to kick Liz to the curb. They’re trying to protect Michael and practically making up for the lost time and home that Michael went to when Isobel and Max ended up with a great foster family.
  3. I need more Maria in my life, ok? She’s got chemistry with everybody, especially Jeanine Mason’s character Liz. Is it too much to ask for more women chilling out together and doing stuff that has nothing to do with a man? No? Ok. Gimme more female friendships, bonding, and more Maria DeLuca! It’s a need!
  4. Also, Maria and Isobel. Even they had the chemistry. *wink wink* Just gimme all the gay, please!
  5. Damn it, Kyle. I’m slowly but surely falling in love with you. Being an adult with Liz when it came to the sex, not acting like a jealous boy toy when bumping into Max, and making sure to take care of Liz’s dad in a manner where he doesn’t get deported. All of this speaks to the kind of man that Kyle is and I LOVE IT!

Favorite Scene from “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone”:

These two are still Jackson and Freya from The Originals. So…awkwardddddd. lol.


Check out the trailer for next week’s Roswell, New Mexico:

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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