5 things We’re Hoping To See In ‘After’ Movie

“My life before him was so simple and now there’s just… After.”

We are close to two months away from the release of After which hits theatres April 12, 2019.  Chances are if you are a fan like me, then you’ve watched the teaser trailer too many times to count.  For those of you who aren’t already aware, After is one of the most anticipated films of 2019.

Based on the Best-selling Novel of the same name by Anna Todd, After follows the story of Tessa, a smart young woman who while in her first semester of college, meets English bad boy Hardin Scott.  He turns her organized predictable world upside down and makes her question everything she once thought she wanted.

If you have read the book, then you most likely have been obsessing over the moments you can’t wait to see come to life onscreen.  Here are the five things we are looking forward to in After.


The Lake

Ah, the lake.  I think we can all agree that this was a pretty steamy moment not just in the book but also in the teaser trailer.  It was the first moment we saw Hardin shirtless in all his tatted glory.  Just look at our sweet Tessa and the way she is affected by his touch.  I won’t go into too many details on this one but, I think Hardin and Tessa left that lake steaming when they were done.


The Pride and Prejudice Fight


Quite possibly one of the most intense classroom moments I’ve ever read.  While in Literature class, Tessa and Hardin are discussing the ending of Pride and Prejudice.  What starts off as a simple discussion about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, quickly turns into a heated public argument about their current relationship with one another.  An angry and embarrassed Tessa storms off and Hardin follows.  They have a conversation about how he treats her as well as his constant mixed signals.  Eventually they agree to try and be friends despite the fact it is very obvious there is more than a friendship brewing.

First Kiss 

While there are many steamy moments to be had in After, the biggest moment we Alternator’s are waiting for is the first Hessa kiss.  From the teaser trailer to the posters, we have seen an almost kiss but never gotten the full thing.  When I read the book, the first time Tessa and Hardin kissed caught me completely off guard in a good way.  That first kiss is what ignited the fire in both of them and opened their eyes up to something neither one of them had ever felt before.

First time Tessa and Hardin Meet


I think we can all agree, the first meeting between Tessa and Hardin was pretty interesting.  Technically they met twice but the first one was uneventful because Hardin just basically ignored her.  Now, the second time they met was awkward to say the least.  Tessa who has just finished taking a shower, arrives back to her room, to find Hardin chillin on Steph’s bed.  Tessa decked out in just her towel, is completely stunned to see him there.  He of course feigns disinterest about the situation but we all know better.  Personally, this is one of my top scenes I am looking forward to.

The Bet Reveal

Now I would definitely say this is a scene we are and are not looking forward to.  I think we all have mixed feelings about this moment because it is going to be extremely painful to watch.  The bet reveal is a pivotal moment in the book and the film.  While it will hurt like hell to watch, we all have a bit of morbid curiosity to see how it will play out.  If the teaser trailer is any indication, tissues will be needed.

After hits theatres April 12, 2019.

*We’re not sure the GIF’s match up with the scene… but you know they’re so good, we had to use.






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