‘Supergirl’: 9 WTF Moments from ‘Stand and Deliver’

While some people may be getting over Supergirl’s political storyline this season, I continue to find myself compelled and sickened — in a good way, because it addresses real issues — with how this show is handling this Civil War.

The politics of it all certainly heated up with “Stand and Deliver,” which found Ben Lockwood inciting more violence and hate and anger with his intent to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. The Elite reminded us that they’re not much better than the Children of Liberty, there was some progress made and Alex was all of us when she learned she was forced to serve on Lockwood’s security detail.

Let’s take a look at 9 moments from “Stand and Deliver” that had us asking, W-T-F?

1. Alex assigned to Ben Lockwood’s security detail

Well, it certainly didn’t take long for my first WTF to be muttered in the latest episode of Supergirl. Whoever thought it was a good idea to assign Alex, who understands the absolute scum that Ben Lockwood is, to his security detail is a twisted individual. Oh, wait, that was the president. My, oh my, how life imitates art. Now, forever the soldier, Alex did her job. Of course with some support from her sister Kara, who reminded Alex that she’s a hero whose job it is to protect people. And while Lockwood is a sorry excuse of a human being, by protecting him she’s helping protect others. And saving people is what’s important to Alex. Also, thank God this was a temporary thing because GOD that was horrible.

2. The Elite are just as bad as the Children of Liberty

It’d be easy for me to pick a side between The Elite and the Children of Liberty. And, honestly, if I had to pick one it’d probably be The Elite. But the point is, I’m not picking a side. While the Children of Liberty are an abomination of a group, led by Ben Lockwood, that thinks of aliens as nothing but roaches that have ruined their world — and have reacted with violence — the alien-led Elite have resorted to similar tactics against Lockwood’s people. What’s that saying…Two wrongs don’t make a right? And while both groups have their motivations — and believe they’re the hero in their own stories — both sides are in the wrong as they’re choosing to approach this conflict in a hateful and violent manner. But it’s not just the Children of Liberty anymore. It’s also The Elite.

3. Colonel Haley wanted to test Lena’s super serum on her soldiers

Now, that’s the whole point of teaming up with Lena Luthor to utilize this superhuman serum. But the fact that Lena warned Haley that it wasn’t ready for human trials — that there was a potential of death — Haley eagerly offered up her soldiers for the risk. She said they understand the dangers of this job. But fighting to protect the city — and world — and being forced to be a lab rat are two different things. Ultimately, Haley lets up on the pressure on Lena once there’s slight progress in the tensions between sides. But Lena still feels the pressure of getting this serum ready to help.

4. Lockwood looking to repeal Alien Amnesty Act

Too bad I didn’t make this a, “Are You F***ing Kidding Me?” list, because this would be at the very top. Not that I’m surprised at all because this is the scum that murdered people — and aliens — and is starting a Civil War because he’s a man and he believes he’s in the right. Of course the reaction of Lockwood’s new role of power is to ship the aliens back to where they came from. The easy way. The coward’s way. While he wasn’t actually capable of reversing a congressional act, he was making it a point to sway the people. And it all ultimately blew up in his face, which was just sensational. Just when I think I’ve hated this guy at my most, he surprises me. But damn, he’s a good villain.

5. Aliens’ peaceful protest interrupted

When they aim low, aim high. That’s the approach that the aliens and pro-alien supporters took with their peaceful protest in regards to Ben Lockwood’s attempt to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. Even as Lockwood incited hatred and fear from within his own rally (more on that below), the pro-alien side remained calm and peaceful. Even as Lockwood’s people pelted them with things, Brainy encouraged them to “stay peaceful.” Which they did. Until Lockwood’s people attacked…and they fought back. The way Supergirl’s political storyline reflects our own reality is downright scary but impressive as a storytelling technique.

6. Lockwood’s Anti-Alien Rally – “Us or them.”

Ben Lockwood is such a great leader for the antis because he’s so good at responding to and getting through to the sides of people that are fearful and full of hate. His entire anti-alien movement is built on those two things, and it continues to gain steam as he incites violence and tries to put the blame on the peaceful-protest group that is the pro-alien group. He started this chant of “Us or them” that was reminiscent of some of the darkest times in this world. Unlike Supergirl’s — and other alien activists — attempts to unite with humans, Lockwood’s only solution is to rid the world of aliens and have humans be the only race. Us or them? I’ll take the aliens over Lockwood any day.

7. They changed some minds and hearts

Now, it’s not significant progress. But progress is progress, regardless of size. Heading into this episode — and as the episode progressed — you could feel the hate building to a boiling point. The peaceful rally-turned-brawl sparked a ton of hate, but ultimately there was some progress made as people’s eyes were opened to the reality of what’s going on around them. Women and children, even though they were aliens, were in the line of fire. They were in danger. And you saw some people switch sides in the middle of this violence and understand the wrong of their ways and beliefs. Which is why the more I watch this season the more I’m convinced that the ultimate goal to resolving this conflict is going to involve Supergirl and the alien activists spreading love instead of hate and opening more eyes to the wrongdoings of this world.

8. The realness of this humans vs. aliens War

I’ve been saying this all season, but it’s still true. The parallels between Supergirl’s political storyline and the reality we face in our world is downright scary. For awhile it’s been more on the impressed side of things. How this show managed to weave its own political plot in a way that so closely resembles our own. But now it’s just downright terrifying. You see the parallels. You know it’s happening in the world. But usually television — and dystopian stories — are a vision of what could happen rather than what is happening. We’re no longer with the former. We’re watching these horrendous acts occur where there are actually people that would rather kill people that aren’t like them than work on uniting and acceptance.

9. James was shot!

So this was a literal WHAT THE F*** moment in the final seconds that I nearly missed because, for some reason, I forget that cliffhangers are a thing even in episodes that aren’t season finales. As the phone started to ring and James turned around, I was waiting for something. Some type of horrible message from the other end of the line. Instead what I got was a shot. JAMES BEING SHOT. Naturally, I expect him to be okay. But the important question is: Who did it? The first reaction would be someone from the Children of Liberty. James went against Lockwood and what they stood for, so naturally revenge is a thing. Then there’s the fact that James published a photo that was part of the progress that we saw in this episode. A member of the Children of Liberty makes even more sense then. While I don’t expect anything to become of James because of this, this was an actual W-T-F moment that completely took me by surprise.

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