‘Stranger Things’: 20 Things You Missed from the Season 3 Trailer

Stranger Things gave us a lot to unpack in it’s season 3 trailer. From Eleven seemingly slipping into the upside down (again) to someone hurting our best mom Steve Harrington, we’re here to break down all the goodies of this trailer. We’re also here to take on the heavy work and bring you ALL of the best and missed moments from the Stranger Things season 3 trailer!

1. The Farrah Fawcett spray that proves Dustin took Steve’s advice.

2. Nancy and Jonathan looking like kids playing at being adults.

3. Dustin being left alone while Lucas and Max become a couple.

4. “The pretzels aren’t even that good.” sign in the background.

5. Eleven slipping into the upside down when we thought it was locked away.

6. Billy becoming infected by the upside down like he deserves.

7. Steve Harrington sliding down escalator with his children.

8. Masked weirdo in front of some portal used to get to upside down.

9. Erica, Lucas’ sister, on a mission involving duct tape and flashlights.

10. Eleven bleeding from her nose, at the mall, in front of glowy threat.

11. Steve protecting his children like the good mom he is.

12. Eleven worshipping at the altar of the Lord and Savior known as Eggo.

13. Hopper confronting man from mirror house w/ his own gun.

14. These two sweaty weirdos who aren’t bothered by the fireworks.

15. Eleven and Max being BFF’s because girls can do that.

16. Our precious nugget Steve Harrington being attacked.

17. Eleven tripping big time into the upside down.

18. Eleven and Mike kissing. Gross. Boy germs.

19. Brooding Will Byers in the rain.

20. Person above watching another be sucked into the upside down.

Check out the trailer for season three of Stranger Things here:


Stranger Things season three premieres July 4th on Netflix.

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