Millie Bobbie Brown Has A New Business Venture

Coffee is life and we definitely can’t wait to try this coffee from Millie Bobby Brown.

It Seems That Millie Bobby Brown & Jake Bongiovi Are Engaged!

Love is a beautiful thing. It seems these two have gotten engaged and we couldn’t be happier for them!

Millie Bobby Brown Set to Release Debut Novel ‘Nineteen Steps’

Millie Bobby Brown is getting ready to debut her own novel, Nineteen Steps, on September 12, 2023. Here’s what we know.

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review: “Go Big, Go Holmes!”

Enola Holmes 2 has already arrived on our screens! The movie far surpasses the first part and improves it in every way. We review!

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Gets Fancy in its World Premiere!

Enola Holmes 2 is close! Yesterday was the premiere and we have the best images and interviews on the red carpet. Shall we go big, go Holmes?

‘Enola Holmes’ Posters and Sneak Peek Say Go Big, Go Holmes!

Enola Holmes 2 is just a few weeks away! Netflix released character posters and a sneak peek with our ship in the middle.

‘Enola Holmes 2’ Shares a New and Fighter Trailer!

Netflix released a new trailer for Enola Holmes 2 that fully introduces us to Enola’s struggle to make a name for herself in a world of men.

Netflix’s TUDUM Releases ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Trailer and We Love It!

Millie Bobby Brown presents the trailer for the fan-favorite movie Enola Holmes 2 at TUDUM and we can’t wait to see it!

’Enola Holmes 2’ First Look & Date Announcement Are Here!

Enola Holmes will brighten our year soon! Also, the first images from the movie are here and WE. CAN’T. WAIT. Read the news!

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4, Vol. 2 Keeps Making Us Worry with New Photos

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2 is coming in a week, and the new pictures have us WORRIED. Can it be July 1st now, please?

Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2 is Coming – Here’s A First Look

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 is coming in a few weeks, and we’ve got the first look for you right here!

‘Stranger Things’ To Return in 2022

We’re not getting season 4 of Stranger Things till 2022, and we can’t deny that we’re more than a little bummed.

‘Stop and Fangirl’ Episode 105: ‘Enola Holmes’ Review

Here at Fangirlish we continue to support your right to fangirl over any fandom you desire – whether that is a book, a TV show, a movie, or even sports. That’s why we have Stop and Fangirl! So you can feel…

‘Enola Holmes’: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Enola Holmes just dropped a few days ago on Netflix. The story follows the youngest Holmes sibling, Enola, as she looks for her mother throughout London, trying to outsmart her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock. She disguises herself, swaps clothes, shares…

‘Enola Holmes’ Review: “Badass Since Always”

It’s here! Enola Holmes has just been released, and hopefully everyone has been able to enjoy it.  As we discussed in our advanced review, we loved it! It has it all: mystery, action, intrigue, a badass lead, complex characters, and life lessons that make you…

‘Enola Holmes’ Advanced Review: Our Future Is Up To Us

We just watched Enola Holmes! And it’s everything we expected and more. We can’t tell you much for now, but we promise that you will love her. This is a story about struggled, freedom, overcoming obstacles, a story about finding oneself…

Millie Bobby Brown Talks About The Anxiety That Comes With Living In The Public Eye

Millie Bobby Brown is an inspiration. She talks about living in the public eye and the way you need to be your own biggest ally.

Millie Bobby Brown And Her Sister Are Teaming With Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown is immensely talented, but we all know that. The woman is taking over the world, little by little. And we’re here for it – her inspiring the world and a new generation of girls. The actress has…

‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Roundtable: The Scoop from our Troop

It’s been about a month and a half since its release, so with that much time to mull it over, it’s time that the crew at Fangirlish stopped to share our thoughts and feels about the latest season of Stranger…

Hopes, Fears, and Feels for Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3 is so close! Stock up on Eggos, pour up some New Coke, grab some Reese’s Pieces and popcorn and settle in for a midsummer night’s binge. There are loads of things to look forward to this season.…

Millie Bobbie Brown Tapped For The Lead In ‘The Thing About Jellyfish’

When a book is being made into a movie, there is a part of me that is always scared. I am always scared of people screwing it up. I am always scared of bad casting. I am always terrified that…