5 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Therapist”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “The Therapist” gifted us with one of the best presents we’ve had since Holt’s amazing shirts in the first episode of season six. We got to meet Rosa’s girlfriend Jocelyn, played by Cameron Esposito! It was well worth the wait and acted as good company to Jake’s adventures with the therapist he swears up and down is evil. Jake ends up being right but he also ends up getting some much needed perspective that made him say out-loud that he wants to go to therapy. That’s progress, Nine-Nine fam!

1. Meeting Rosa’s girlfriend Jocelyn.

You hear that noise? That’s the victory screech of bisexual Latinas around the world who feel seen because of Rosa and Jocelyn. One of those bisexual screams is due in part to me. They looked so sweet and adorable and I’m glad NBC didn’t shy away from a couple’s kiss. It just makes them normal and like any other couple out there and I appreciate that to the moon and back. We are normal. And to think that there are young bisexuals seeing this representation on their TV’s and feeling seen…well, it brings a tear to your eye!


2. That Boyle bowling cold open.

The simple joy on Boyle’s face is PRICELESS! It’s made even better for the fact that the camera follows him all the way through. No stunt doubles or panning away. It’s all him and I love it! This cold open is also undeniable proof that this show keeps getting better and better with each episode and year. Thank you NBC for making more Brooklyn Nine-Nine possible! I can’t imagine missing out all this goodness in “The Therapist.”


3. Sassy and surprising Captain Holt.

Andre Braugher is the gift that keeps on giving. Knowing Captain Holt for six seasons we know that this scene in particular equated to a cheerleader waving her pom poms and getting the crowd to follow her cheers. Holt led Hitchcock and Scully into a spirited (for Holt) conversation about their plans for the weekend. And the way he ended it all during this scene was savage, clean cut, and absolutely Holt.


4. Oddly confident Scully.

Increasingly over the years we’ve seen more to the kind of man that Scully is. And while he disgusts me just as much as Hitchcock does, I welcome any character development. So far we know that they put themselves in the line of fire to save a young woman they’ve known for years. And here you have Scully just laying down some hard truths about the kind of man he is. And, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, we could all do with being a little bit more like Scully. Ughh, that felt dirty. Not gonna lie. But it’s out there now!


5. Jake and those waterworks.

Just to be clear, we never get enough time when it comes to Jake’s issues with his family, going to jail, and being a cop. But when we do get moments like this, they’ll full of perspective and heart. Yes, Jake is the goofball and Andy Samberg knows how to play a goober. But Jake is more than that. He’s a son, a husband, someone’s child, and some one that goes through pains like any of us do. He’s real.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs at 9/8c on NBC.

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