9 Things We Can’t Stop Talking About in “Roswell, New Mexico” Episode 10 “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

There’s never a dull moment during Roswell, New Mexico. Even in an episode that from the surface appears to be filler, it never actually feels like filler. Because, by definition, a filler episode exists to pass the time between two significant moments in a season arc.
There was nothing filler about “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.”
While Roswell, New Mexico’s 10th episode served as Isobel’s return from her short stint inside her pod, it also helped Isobel find those memories about being with Rosa that had been hidden in her subconscious. You know, hidden because someone was possessing Isobel through the whole damn thing.
And, per usual, Roswell, New Mexico found a way to emotionally compromise us in the best ways. Whether it was those longing glances between Michael and Alex or Liz worrying like a fool about Max or Kyle’s dad’s message to his son from beyond the grave, there was no where to run from the onslaught of emotions.
Here are 8 things we can’t stop talking about in “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.”

1. Who the hell is this fourth alien?

At this point, the fact that there’s a murderous fourth alien out there is no secret. The suspense lies in the mystery of exactly who this alien is, what this wants, where this alien has been, when did this alien first arrive, and why this alien feels the need to possess people who are blacking out to exact acts of violence.
This episode provided a little more clarity — while still remaining cryptic as hell — as to who this fourth alien might be. The only thing we know for certain is this alien is a guy, which kind of takes Tess out of the running. (That would’ve been too easy.) This is also an alien that is used to getting what he wants, as we saw with Rosa. If he couldn’t have her, if he couldn’t trust her, he had no problem disposing of her even if he claimed to have cared about her.

2. Rosa’s last moments

We already know what happens to Rosa Orteccho. We’ve already seen the tail end. We’ve seen the effects that it had on the people in Roswell. But it doesn’t make watching Rosa’s death any easier. Especially when we have the knowledge that this was someone possessing Isobel when she was with Rosa. It’s creepy. It’s icky. It’s scary.
The cool thing about Roswell, New Mexico, is that we get bit by bit of the truth. In “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” we saw Rosa’s death through Michael’s point of view, which was after the fact and Isobel mumbling some mumbo jumbo before passing out. But this episode allowed us to see it as one of Isobel’s memories. We got to see why this fourth alien, who possessed Isobel, killed Rosa. It wasn’t Isobel at all. It was this alien that had the ability to possess those that experience blackouts. And the scene was troubling. A reminder of how Rosa’s life was cut remarkable short.

3. Malex are essentially star crossed lovers

As if Michael and Alex couldn’t get more beautifully heartbreaking. Alex telling Michael that his family has been targeting his race for generations, I got mad Romeo and Juliet vibes, y’all. All of the epic ships are the most painful, it feels like. And at the rate we’re going here with Malex, we’re preparing for one of those epic love stories.
And don’t even get me started on the longing glances. Or the look on Alex’s face when Michael said he was trying to find a way home. And the look on Michael’s face when he saw Alex’s face. DEAR GOD.
Oh, and this beauty: “If anyone is going to destroy me, it might as well be you.”

4. Noah supporting Isobel

As far as husbands go, Noah is a keeper. And not only because he’s a tall glass of water. He’s also not what he seems. When Noah found Isobel in her pod, I was convinced that he was planning on causing some major havoc. And granted, while he did buy a gun — for whatever reason he has no idea — he listened to his wife when she explained that she is an alien. Noah was rightfully hurt by the whole ordeal.
Yes, Isobel lied. But Noah was more concerned that he was a cover story rather than the love of her life. Naturally, Isobel reassured him that that’s far from the case. She loves him. And he loves her. And I’ll be damned if I don’t love the two-wine, picnic-going couple that gives everyone hope.

5. Liz worrying about Max

We’re well aware of Max’s feelings about Liz. We’ve seen it from the first moment he laid eyes on her in the pilot. You saw a lifetime’s worth of memories come flooding back and a wave of elation and contentment settle on his face. While we’ve been uncertain about Liz’s feelings for Max — was it really just the psychic connection or was it that she suspected Max’s involvement in Rosa’s death that killed any romantic feelings — this episode did a good job of reiterating that Liz deeply cares about Max.
When Max went back into the hospital after the shooter, Liz was a mess. While we didn’t get to see it, Cameron confirmed as much. “Liz was really scared. She didn’t take a breath until she heard you were safe.” And that reunion hug? *HEART EYES* It’s lovely to start to see Max’s feelings reciprocated. And damn, these cuties are just too much.

6. Isobel’s memories of Rosa

The cool thing about this show is how each episode seems to peel back another layer from the truth. Sometimes it’s a small layer and other times it’s a massive layer with massive revelations with significant implications. While this one didn’t have the feeling of the latter, it was pretty revealing that we finally got to see what happened before Rosa died.
The fact that Isobel is starting to remember moments from those blackouts — thanks to Liz’s serum — it appears as if she can be key to stopping this fourth alien that’s been terrorizing Roswell all these years. But it also indicates that there may be other memories that Isobel has yet to uncover that will help with uncovering the identity of this fourth alien.

7. Magoo, I am emotionally compromised

This show always manages to catch me off guard with the emotions. Even when I don’t feel like I’m particularly affected by emotions and certain characters. When it comes to Kyle, I just feel, meh. I’m not attached, but I don’t hate him either. But I have to admit, that scene where Kyle uncovers a cryptic message from his dad to him — “Magoo, I love you.” — I felt a wave of emotion overcome me.
I haven’t even seen Jim Valenti, nor his relationship with his son, but the fact that he went out of his way to tell his son that he loves him from beyond the grave is the emotion I’m here for.

8. “It will never happen again.” Will it? Will it now?

While I’m a diehard Malex shipper, I can’t help but enjoy the scenes that Michael and Maria share. They’ve got such a great chemistry — and I’m just convinced that Michael Vlamis has chemistry with every single person on this show.
Following last week’s drunken hook-up, Maria learns that Alex’s mystery guy is Michael, and she instantly feels regretful. It might’ve been a drunken hook-up, but she still hooked up the guy her best friend truly cares for. She tells Alex that is won’t happen again. She tells Michael it won’t happen again. And while I truly believe that Maria intends to follow those words, the way that this scene was written — the fact that Maria had to repeat the sentiment — makes me believe that this fling might not be over just yet.

9. Cam being offended that she missed Max singing karaoke

I have to admit, Jenna Cameron is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. I didn’t expect to like her as much as I do, but I can’t help but admire her fierce determination and take-no-shit attitude.
And perhaps my new favorite thing about her — okay, it’s right behind her telling Kyle she could break 12 bones in his body in less than a second and a half — is how she’s perfectly okay with Max being an alien, no questions asked. But when it comes to the fact that Max, who does not sing, actually sang karaoke, Cameron is seriously pissed off. More of Jenna Cameron, please!

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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