5 Life Lessons From ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ Trailer

I will admit that I am a cynical bitch. I’d like to say that I believe in love, but the truth is – I don’t. I wish I did. I wish that I believed that there was someone out there for everyone and that someone would treat you as amazing as you deserved.

As I write this, I am staring out my window into the city and watching New York pass me by. The possibilities are endless and that’s part of the beauty of this city. It’s the city where the upcoming film, The Sun Is Also A Star, is set.

And if you read the book or watch the trailer – you will find yourself wondering if love is truly real. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s a story that touches you. It’s a story that makes you believe.

Well, everyone except me, I guess. But I am the last person that you should judge love by.

What is The Sun Is Also A Star about? Well, “College-bound romantic Daniel Bae and Jamaica-born pragmatist Natasha Kingsley meet — and fall for each other — over one magical day amidst the fervor and flurry of New York City. Sparks immediately fly between these two strangers, who might never have met had fate not given them a little push. With just hours left on the clock in what looks to be her last day in the U.S., Natasha is fighting against her family’s deportation just as fiercely as she’s fighting her growing feelings for Daniel.”

Let’s break down what we life lessons we can pull from the trailer.


We get caught up in ourselves now a days. The world seems to exist in our phones, our computers, and everything but the actual world going on around us. There are endless possibilities and just because we don’t see the world around us as we are looking down, doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t see us.


We all sometimes wonder why this or that person came into our lives. Some people are shitty. Some people are great. But there is something to be said for every single person that comes in our lives. They all have something to teach us. They all have something to show us. They all have something to teach us. It can be something as simple as what we do or don’t want out of life – but it’s our lessons to learn. People are opportunities to better ourselves, to open our hearts, to see the possibilities of what life has to offer.


I never really thought about this one, but it’s because I am a cynic and I think love is bullshit. Maybe one day I will change my mind and maybe one day I will open my heart to it. But if you really think about it – what makes you fall in love with someone. Sure, there is the unspoken thing that you can’t define and that’s a huge part of it. But we all have the non-negotiable things that we won’t compromise on too. What are they? Well that’s up to you. I would imagine that it’s trust, friendship, and understanding. Love is something that you just feel. And I get it. Whatever your ingredients to love are, they are yours. And that is okay.


Lord, I feel like a hypocrite saying that, but it’s the truth. We all have to open our hearts to the world, because remaining cynical and remaining closed off will only hurt you. You deserve more. Allow people to see who you are. Allow people to make you smile. Allow people to open your soul to the possibilities. It’ll be worth it.


Sometimes when we think of forever, we think that it’s this never ending moment. But the truth is sometimes forever is a short amount of time. Sometimes it’s a moment, a minute, an hour or a day. But the truth is that we all have forever with someone – it’s just a matter of what forever is to you.

The Sun Is Also A Star hits theaters May 17th, 2019.


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