Our Favorite Fictional Hugs

There’s something about two characters hugging on screen, whether it be platonic or not, that his us right in the feels. Especially when it’s done well. It might be a reunion hug, an ‘I love you and I got your back’ hug, or it might be a ‘you’re my family hug’ – point is, we really just like hugs!

And we’re betting you do too.

So, today, we’re going to list our favorite fictional hugs. The ones that made us feel things. The ones we keep coming back to. Romantic or not, here are the fictional hugs we can’t forget. For reasons, and science. Enjoy the fluff!

This family dance/hug

Image result for one day at a time hug gif

This reunion hug that’s all suppressed longing and affection 

Image result for kastle hug gif

I can’t believe you’re alive hug

Sisters are there for each other hugs

Image result for alex hugs kara gif

I actually do care hug

Image result for bellarke hug gif

You’re my everything hug

Image result for mulder scully hug gif memento mori

Reunion hug long in the making

The “I got you” parent hug

Let me breathe you in hug

Image result for jamie claire hug gif

I’m just so freaking happy to see you hug

Image result for captain swan hug gif

I’ll let the hug say the things I can’t say hug

Image result for olicity hug gif

I can’t explain how happy I am to see you hug

Image result for poe finn hug

The sibling reunion hug heard round the world

Image result for jon sansa hug gif

Is this really happening and wow I love you hug

Image result for densi hug gif

Even on the floor there are cuddles hug

Now that you’re here I can breathe again hug

Image result for lyatt gif

Can’t believe I’m crying over a robot hug

Agree? Disagree? What is YOUR favorite fictional hug? Share with us in the comments below!


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