‘The Flash’ SDCC Interview: Danielle Panabaker Promises Things Will Get Frostier in Season 6

Last season saw Caitlin and Killer Frost coming to terms with each other and their peculiar coexistence. This season, actress Danielle Panabaker promises the spotlight will focus more heavily on her frosty alter-ego.

As Killer Frost takes charge, her relationships with other characters on the team will be explored. Of course, one can expect a vast difference from their relationships with Caitlin. Frost isn’t likely to have Caitlin’s care-taking personality, at least.

With a new role comes a new costume – one that the actress is excited to wear after a year of planning. As to its origin, she explains, “I think Cisco, you know, with his incredible sewing machine, did…Killer Frost a solid and built her a suit that she can go out and fight bad guys with.”

Watch our interview with Panabaker below, where she discusses season 6 and what is to come.

The Flash season 6 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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