‘Arrow’ SDCC Interview: David Ramsey teases answers to these questions in Season 8

As Arrow gears up for its final 10-episode season, the cast took to the San Diego Comic-Con stage where they were meant with a well of emotion with the outpouring of love and support. Emotion that caught some of them off guard.

“I wasn’t expecting (the final Arrow Comic-Con appearance) to be emotional,” David Ramsey told us at Comic-Con. “I thought about the fact that it could be, but it kind of hit me a little harder than I thought.”

As Ramsey prepares to say goodbye to John Diggle, he teased what we can expect from his character in these final 10 episodes. And it’s no surprise that a majority of those things revolve around his family…and also a little something this show has been teasing us with since early on.

“For (Diggle), there are things that will probably be answered,” Ramsey said. “His relationship with Lyla — Lyla plays a pivotal role this season — she’s the leader of ARGUS, so we have to address that. His two sons in the future, where is Diggle, and what is going on with his children. I think that’s important. Is he or isn’t he Green Lantern, I think that’s important.”
Watch our interview with David Ramsey, where he discusses the final season.

Arrow‘s final season premieres Oct. 15 on The CW.

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